What are the best kind of beard combs and brushes?

If you’re keeping your head hair in check with daily grooming, don’t neglect the south of your face if you’re hoping to grow a thing of beauty. Our shampoo, oils and balms will take care of cleansing and styling but your equipment doesn’t end there. Keep your chin-wig ship-shape with our guide to the best beard combs and brushes.

Beard hair vs head hair

When it comes to tools, you need to understand what you’re working with first. We’ve previously talked about the difference in beard hair vs head hair, with the beard hair cycle being shorter than head hair and the skin underneath being less oily than scalp. This results in your beard hair usually being thicker and drier, so this is where your brush or comb comes in handy.

Benefits of oxhorn combs and boar bristle brushes

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Natural compositions work with you and are far superior in terms of performance compared to synthetic alternatives, which is why we use oxhorn for our combs and boar bristles for our brushes. Ox horn is made from the same proteins as your own hair and has a smooth surface, meaning it will glide through effortlessly without damaging the shaft of the hair, snagging or creating static – perfect for shorter face fuzz and moustaches.

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For longer beards, invest in a boar bristle brush. They go way back to the 1800s when they were used to care for hair without styling products by carrying sebum from the skin to the end of the hair shaft, conditioning it naturally – and for you, this means less breakage so you get a full, healthy result. If you’re impatient with growing your beard, you’ll be pleased to know the bristles will stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, encouraging growth. Make sure you use it when your beard is dry as wet hair stretches and is more susceptible to breakage. Use your brush with one of our Creampot Tom’s Beard Balms to tame frizz and control the shape. Just make sure you clean your brush regularly or else it could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Beard brushing hints and tips

We have a range of brushes and combs in different sizes as well as with or without handles to be sure to give you the optimum tool for the best results. Generally, it’s good to have one of each – the brush for distributing oils through the hair and a comb to maintain neatness throughout the day and to prepare it for trimming. You can use a comb several times per day but you should only use a brush once daily to prevent damage. Handle-less styles are best for coarse, thick hair to allow you to apply the right level of pressure without excessive tugging. Remember your strokes should be in the direction you want it to grow as repeating the movement will train the hair.

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