The Brighton Beard Company is an all natural range of beard grooming products. From beard oils, balms and moustache waxes through to combs and wash bags, we work hard to create honest, simple and good quality beard care. Each and every product is made with pure, wholesome ingredients, carefully chosen for their beard benefits and their impeccable fragrance. 

The hand crafted, small batch nature of our wares means that when you purchase from #brightonbeardco, you can be sure that your goods were created with a whole lot of care and affection in-house by our small, yet dedicated team. Let's get acquainted...



Since The Brighton Beard Company’s humble beginnings in 2013, Lloyd has been at the forefront of pushing the company to the next level and business milestone. Wearing many hats, Lloyd has many roles in the company. From hand blending Old Joll’s beard oils to advertising, and packing up orders to SEO, Lloyd manages the business. Darting from task to task, Lloyd makes The Brighton Beard Company all that it is, whilst keeping a cool head. When he’s not working, Lloyd enjoys admiring successful businesses, going to the gym, playing video games & hanging out with friends over a nice cold beer.

Favourite product: "The Miller's beard shampoo bar. This little fella lathers up a dream and leaves both my head hair and my beard incredibly soft."


With a love for solving problems creatively; when her partner, Lloyd (above) came up with the idea for a new beard care range, Jessica had a field day creating The Brighton Beard Co. brand. Jessica’s background in fashion media along with her passion for beauty and cosmetics has certainly come in handy. The face behind new product development, she is also responsible for the graphics and visuals. When she’s not dreaming of brownies, you can usually find Jessica with her & Lloyd's small children and fur baby, little Bill. If she gets a spare minute, you can bet she's engrossed a screen drooling over Pinterest or scheming ideas for home interiors and DIY.

Favourite product: "Has to be Ruxley leather wash bag. Having designed it myself, seeing it from initial sketch through to a physical product is just the best. Plus, it nicely houses my whole morning routine!!"



If you've used any of our products chances are it was handmade by Dave. When he's not blending essential oils or pouring beard balms you can find him creating custom video content for us and other brands with the creative collective Diopter.

Dave loves Brighton, especially its music scene, often playing in bands around the city.

Favourite product: "Having taken part in movember 2018 I fell in love with the tache life. I'm sure the full beard will return soon but for now my favourite product has to be the new Jevington Jiggs moustache wax stick, especially in the Sandalwood, Elemi and Lavender scent!"



Georgia is our newest member, and is responsible for overseeing all customer queries, order management and sales. If you run into a spot of trouble, she's the friendly face that'll find a solution. An all-round gem, she also helps Jessica manage our marketing. Georgia loves to ski as much as she can, but is a big fan of Summer when sun, sea and sand rolls back around. Friendly and outgoing, this big tortoiseshell fan can't get enough of Brighton life.

Favourite product: "It has to be the Alfriston beard oil. Originally intended for my boyfriend but it never got that far! Besides the scent being pure heaven, I discovered it works wonders for my skin and makes my hair silky soft, so it ended up in my collection instead of his."