Beard Hair vs Head Hair

When it comes to skin care, we can probably safely say you don’t use the same products you do on your face that you do on your body, so why should your hair be any different? 

Business Insider explains that the difference in hair comes down to the very beginnings – in other words, the follicles, which hold the hair’s root under the surface of the skin. There lies two different types of pigment: eumelanin, which colours hair black or brown, and pheomelanin, which colours hair blonde or red. “Different parts of the body are home to different colours - and textures - of hair. A variety of factors contribute to this phenomenon, including the fact that some follicles simply produce more pigment than others. Usually, eyebrow hair is the darkest; the follicles there tend to produce a lot of pigment.”  

In regards to texture, your body grows hair in various places as you grow up. Your beard hair falls within a group called ‘androgenic hair’, which is what crops up during puberty. “Like head hair, it goes through three different growth phases in which the hair grows at different speeds, but these phases happen at slightly different times, which influences how long or short your hair gets” – explaining why you might have curly beard hair but straight head hair. 

As we realise different hair has different needs, we came up with The Miller’s Beard Shampoo Bar, which, unlike regular shampoo, won’t strip your beard of its natural oils.

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