Why you should use an Ox Horn Beard Comb

We’re super excited to have launched our own Ox Horn moustache and beard combs; not only are they a stylish wash bag or bathroom sink accessory with their unique marbled patterns and our nautical branding, but they’ll provide a number of benefits to your grooming routine.

To see and feel the benefits of any product, having a good base to apply it to makes a world of difference and when it comes to beard health, the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ springs to mind – cue ox horn: 

1. It helps to tame frizz – due to the material’s similar molecular composition to our own hair, our ox horn combs don’t trap static electricity, helping to balance your hair’s electrical charge. 

2. Longer beards can get knotted or tangled just like head hair. Ox horn will glide through, preventing tugging or breakage. 

3. If you looked at a strand of hair under a microscope, you’d see it’s made of layers like scales or tree bark, and this visible texture is known as the hair cuticle. When hair is damaged, this fibre is porous and the layers are raised, making it appear dull or split. Since ox horn is smooth, it helps to smooth down these layers, closing the scales and unifying the surface of the strand, allowing it to reflect light. Voila – shiny, smooth, glossy beard. 

4. Not only does this smoothing action have aesthetic pros, but creating a solid barrier on the surface of the hair creates a shield from external aggressions such as UV rays, humidity and heat, promoting long-term hair health.  

So there we go – should you ever need to justify your fancy comb to guests, you might just need to give them a security check on the way out to make sure they haven’t left with it!

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