What kind of beard fits my face shape?

Rather like a partner or pet, there’s a beard out there for every bloke, it’s just about picking the perfect one for you. Part of that will be fitting in with your own individual style and maybe even what’s acceptable for where you work, but you also need to consider the shape of your own bonce and how your face fuzz complements it. Here is our rundown of some typical face shapes and the kind of beards that should work with them.

Face type: Triangular - broad forehead, pointed chin

Similar to: Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling beard

Beard: A full beard will add volume to the lower half of your face and create balance. If you’re growing one from scratch, check out our tips on how to grow a beard for the first time to help you push through the dreaded itch.

Product: You’ll need a boar bristle brush to encourage growth by exfoliating and stimulating the skin underneath and distribute your natural oils over the hair to moisturise it, resulting in a thick, glossy face rug. 

Face type: Round

Similar to: Gerard Butler
Gerald Butler short beard

Beard: You may think covering up a double chin or rounded cheeks with your beard is the best way forward but it will only add more weight, like the equivalent of wearing a baggy jumper. Keep it trimmed – it’s more slimming, and some artful shaping will define your jaw.

Product: Try one of our beard balms to tame stray hairs with a light hold and conditioning formula containing shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil and antibacterial tea tree – available in five scents. We love the mandarin and cedarwood combination as it’s fresh yet masculine.

Face type: Long

Similar to: Adam Levine

Adam Levine beard

Beard: Apply a sculpting technique; keep your beard thick towards the chin and trimmed along the sides. This is the male equivalent of contouring! Get it right and you can take attention away from a thin or weak jawline and shape your face.

Product: Use our Ox Horn Beard Comb to prep your beard for trimming. Not only will you detangle the hair so you get an even finish, but the natural composition of the comb will glide effortlessly through without static. Read more about why you should use an Ox Horn Beard Comb here

Face type: Weak jaw

Similar to: Matthew Perry or George Lucas

george lucas bad beard day

Beard: A beard can help strengthen a weak jawline BUT it needs to be done properly. Here at The Brighton Beard Company we love Star Wars, but we’re not sure about George Lucas’ attempts to separate his head from his neck using the power of the beard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite have the same reliability as the Force… Keep it full with some artful shaping to define your jawline and chin.

Product: Use our nourishing balm to keep it looking neat.

Face type: Square

Similar to: Zac Efron

zac efron best beard

Beard: For those blessed with a strong jawline, keep your beard closely cropped at the sides with a little extra length on the chin to accentuate structure yet elongate your face.

Product: Why not give our Sven Signe Den Hartogh x The Brighton Beard Company Beard Oil a try? Containing the same base properties and ingredients as our other beard oils, bergamot and rose geranium create a wonderfully heady scent with a lightly conditioning effect.

Face type: Oval

Similar to: Jake Gyllenhall

Jake Gyllenhal beard

Beard: If you’re blessed with an oval-shaped face, you have the most options since all beard shapes and sizes look good on you. Be experimental by switching up your style from time to time, or perhaps for Movember, so you can find out what you prefer.

Product: Our bestselling beard oil is a great all-rounder – nourishing the hair, preventing itchiness and promoting growth. Find out more about the blend of oils we use in our blog.



Face type: Large

Similar to: Rick Edwards

rick edwards short beard

If you have a wide mouth and large features, a big bushy beard can help offset your face and make it look smaller.

Product: Try the Kent Boar Bristle Brush for optimum control over taming and shaping and boar bristles that will separate the hairs and add volume. You’ll also need to keep it clean using our beard shampoo, which will wash any excess sebum, dirt and crumbs out while moisturising with its blend of nourishing oils and butters including olive, coconut, cocoa and aloe vera. Only the best for you ruffians!

Whatever type of beard you go for, we’ve got you covered with our range of products to help you look after and make the most of your whiskers.






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