Beard Combs & Brushes

Are you looking for a beard brush or comb to keep your face fluff looking its best?

The right beard comb and brush can make all the difference when it comes to beard grooming. We’ve created our very own range of UK handmade ox horn beard & moustache combs, as well as 100% boar bristle brushes to complement our line of beard care oils and beard balms.

Why do we only sell ox horn combs and boar brushes? We’re glad you asked. Ox horn is made from the same proteins as your hair and nails, and so it glides through the beard effortlessly without snagging or damaging the shaft of the hair. And boar bristles brushes? Well, these exfoliate the skin and follicles, thus in turn keeping beard-ruff at bay whilst extracting dust, flakes and evenly distributing your beard's natural oils. We find these two dream materials hard to beat.

As well our very own line of brush and combs, we also stock Jony Smith combs and Kent boar bristle brushes.