HOW TO // Care for your boar bristle beard brush

As we’ve previously covered why and what type of beard brush you should use, this week we stress the importance of caring for your tools. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs or spots, look to your beard brush as if it’s not cleaned regularly, it can harbour bacteria that you are effectively applying to your face every time you use it. 

1. Start off by using a fine-toothed comb to brush through the bristles outwards, which will dislodge most of the dust, hair and sebum/product build-up. 

2. Use a flat-bottomed container such as a wide Tupperware box, and shallow-fill with warm water. 

3. Take a blob of mild, sulphate-free shampoo or shower gel - baby shampoo is great as it’s very gentle and cleansing – in your palm. 

4. Dip the bristles in the water without getting the handle wet as this can weaken the wood. 

5. Scrub the brush into the shampoo to build a up a lather. 

6. Wash out by swirling the bristles through the water. Repeat if necessary. 

7. Tap out excess liquid and place bristles-down on a towel to air-dry. Allow 24 hours to dry fully as the natural fibres will retain moisture more than synthetic alternatives. 

You’ll be left with a brush that looks as good as new and will distribute your beard balm much more effectively. Clean your brush every week or two for optimum performance.

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