5 Beard Blessing Benefits of Argan Oil

5 Beard Blessing Benefits of Argan Oil.

So, if you've been around beard oil at all you will have undoubtedly heard the words ‘argan oil’ muttered a few times. And not just in beard oil - it's in some of the world most luxurious and beneficial face oils

When you understand the benefits of this oil fully, it's hardly surprising.

This is one little nut oil that packs a big ol’ punch of goodness and we want you to aim it directly at your chin!

Without further ado, 5 Beard Blessing Benefits of Argan oil.

    • No. 1 Reduces inflammation.
    • No. 2 Nature's Moisturiser.
    • No. 3 Lightweight.
    • No. 4 Makes you look good.
    • No. 5 Prevents ‘bearddruff’


    No.1 Reduces inflammation.

    Now I could get all scientific and talk to you about the composition of Argan oil and how dense it is, both oleic (otherwise known as omega 9) and linoleic (Omega 6). And tell you that these fatty acids work beautifully with the bioflavonoids and create a combination that is built to fight inflammation. But don't worry I wouldn’t waste your time with all that.

    I’ll tell you what that means for you and me.

    Beard oil should be applied daily - even when we’re rocking a shorter style, especially when the beard is first growing in.

    This is going to help to reduce the itchiness and soreness and any other things that may be brewing below the surface.

    I’d be inclined to suggest that if your the kind of person that likes to keep your beard neat, you should be apply beard oil directly after you cut in your neckline and cheek line - this will help to soothe the area and will be so much more beneficial than the mass produced chemical laden aftershave balms on the market.



    No. 2 Nature's Moisturiser.

    So I've been known to rub this on my face from time to time -  the reason is a lot to do with inflammation benefits stated above - but its also to do with the deep moisturising qualities, you see argan oil is just about as jam packed as you can get with antioxidants, which help to create the best environment for skin and beard alike.

    It’s a non-greasy oil so you’ll notice with a good quality beard oil, such as our Alfriston beard oil, that after application it will soak into to your skin and feel light. You’ll also notice that if you leave it on your hands after application within a couple of minutes you can go about your day and not even worry about washing it off. 

    So in short; if you like the sound of a more moisturised smoother healthier beard and skin beneath you’ll want to find a beard oil that uses argan as a carrier.


    No 3. Lightweight.

    So argan oil is one of three oils that we use in our Old jolls beard of and one of the five used in our luxury Alfriston oils.

    We use a mix as there are many benefits that help make a beard oil great and we have designed our oils to help maintain optimum health and growth - along with  having the most fantastic scents.

    Argan oil helps to keep our carrier mix light; we wanted a feeling of freshness and to keep it ungreasy and comfortable. We want you to put it on and get on with the rest of your day feeling moisturised constantly but without really noticing (apart from the scent and slight shine) that you have anything on.


    No 4. Makes you look good.

    So as well as feeling great you’ll also look great - I have had a few days were I have woken up in such a state I think the only option is to chop my beard off and start again. 

    It's totally baffling how applying a bit of beard oil can change you from some sort of forest dwelling creature to looking like you're the man.

    It's been shown that a high percentage of men find that using beard oil actually helps fight against spots. Now, in my opinion this is because of the vitamin E, this is found in argan oil and as it's such a good thing, we have actually added extra vitamin E oil to all of our oil recipes.

    Using beard oil containing argan will also help with regulating the sebum levels of your skin and help keep you moisturised (as mentioned above). 

    This is ideal for someone that suffers from flyaway hairs or has noticed that as their beard gets longer, it tends to get wiry.

    Here in the UK when things get cold in the winter it can really exacerbate the condition. You need to be on top of your winter beard care to keep on top of this.

    No 5. Prevents ‘bearddruff’

    This is one of the important ones - and although it's been covered by the previous information above, it more than deserved its own number - when you get rid of the dreaded beardruff it gives you so much more confidence in your beard.

    No longer worrying about these pesky flakes really takes a weight off your shoulders.

    Forget about the days of the dry wiry beard and say hello to a fresh faced smooth and conditioned beard. Now you don’t feel irritated you wont be tempted to get rid of the beast - instead we’ve learnt how to tame it.



    Last words - we’ve been doing this for some time now making beard grooming products in the UK since 2013. There isn’t much we haven't seen or heard about in the beard growing world so if you have any questions be sure to give us a shout!



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