• HOW TO: Growing a beard for the first time

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HOW TO: Growing a beard for the first time

Welcome to another of our HOW TO blog series, and our first blog post of 2016. New year, new beard? We’re here to help with some simple guidelines to ensure you get off to a grand start with your freshly grown facial furniture.

We’re guessing that since you’ve decided to commit to growing a beard, that you’ll know whether or not you can grow one or not. But these guidelines will help you reach your full potential growing capabilities…

First and foremost - don’t let the itch get the better of you. As explained in a recent HOW TO blog post, new hairs have a sharper edge when leaving the skin, and so this is why your skin feels itchy and irritated in the first weeks of growing a beard.  To combat this, you’ll need to exfoliate at least twice each week and keep your new beard clean - we recommend The Miller’s beard shampoo, which is formulated especially for your beard and won’t strip your face of its natural oils. 

When out of the shower, follow up by applying beard oil to your towel-dried beard, when your hairs cuticles are still partially open and so most susceptible to absorbing the oils goodness. Not only does Old Joll’s oil contain beard and skin conditioning oils, but it also has tea tree oil, which acts as an natural antibacterial and can help to reduce inflamed skin.

How long does it take to grow a beard?

Give it time to grow - whether you’re aiming for a particular style, or just seeing how things pan out, try to avoid trimming the beard until at least 3 months have passed. This will give you some idea of how your beard grows and you can then make the decision to take yourself to the barbers (read our post on how to get the beard trim you want here) or wait it out even longer, hell - even go for a yeard.

Try not to get impatient - growing a beard of beauty takes time. Once you’ve got through the dreaded itchy period and have left your beard to grow for a 3 months, take stock of how it looks and how you feel about it, and make a decision about what you want to do next.

You may notice that after a certain amount of time that your beard will have appeared to stop growing at the rate it once was. Don’t be fooled, brother. In two weeks, your beard will have doubled in size from the first week. As time goes on, it is hard to see the same growth, for example after 4 months of growth, 2 weeks of growth doesn’t make as much of a visual impact.

Beard hair features somewhere on the spectrum between head hair and body hair. Depending on your genetic makeup, the growth phase of your beard hair can last for up to six years. On average, if you leave your beard to grow freely it would get to about three feet in length but the only way to find out for sure is to simply leave it untouched for years!

How to make your beard grow faster

Although, as we said above, your genetic makeup determines many features of your beard such as texture and its terminal length, there are ways to stimulate beard growth. Check out our blogs on eating your way to a healthier beard for some hints and tips on how to make your beard grow through nutritional input. We also recommend giving Creampot Tom’s beard balm a try to increase the overall density of your beard and providing it with some hold to keep it in shape!

Everybody has ‘bad beard days’ and you’ve just got to ride them out, my friend. Get yourself over to Jeff’s beard board for some inspiration. We learnt about the 48 hour rule there, and swear by it. Simply, if you’re having a moment of doubt when staring your beard in the mirror, wait at least 48 hours to think it through before hacking it off. It’s saved my beard many a time.

Last of all, enjoy it. Growing a beard is a journey! Any questions? Tweet us @brightonbeardco or find us on Facebook / IG on our social buttons at the bottom of our website.

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