5 Best Beard Gifts :: Ideas for the bearded man

5 Best Beard Gifts :: Ideas for the bearded man.

If you’re looking for the best beard gift ideas for the beard you love - even if it's your own - you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve been wracking our brains here at The Brighton Beard Co. to decide on just 5 of the best beard gifts you can buy with your hard earned cash. 

So here we go :


 This is the ultimate in beard conditioning and always our go to option when asked by fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and partners alike what gifts to buy their bearded love ones.


Great as a birthday gift and especially good at Christmas when you really want to spoil someone special.

This gift set has been meticulously put together and contains our wonderful Hadleigh's leather wash bags filled with of one of our The Miller's beard shampoo bar, a 10ml Old Joll's beard oil and a 60ml Creampot Tom's beard balm.

Nothing says I love you quite like this beard grooming kit. Saving a tidy 10%, this set will look after your beard as well as your wallet. 

If your aiming to impress then this gift will ensure they know you've gone the extra mile - with all of the essential beard grooming bit this kit is perfect for the first time beard grower as well as the more experienced.

 A beard care kit like this one is the best way to have everything covered from your beard oil to your shampoo. To really maximise this we’d suggest teaming with one of our boars brittle brushes, hand made in france with olive wood these are absolutely gorgeous and a great addition to any bearded mans arsenal.


 Our ultimate beard grooming kit (conditiong wash bag giftset) will provide everything he needs and more -the beard balm with help shape and condition, the beard shampoo will clean and the oil will set him up for they day with a fantastic scent.

 Any man worth his weight in beard oil would love this collection.

 No 2 Beard conditioning oil.

 This is a safe bet - every bearded man needs a good beard oil in his kit, this is a necessity and cannot be over looked.

 From stubble to full on Gandolf, our beard oil will help to keep a beard looking its finest, our Beard Oil is going to help you with keeping your beard in a great shape. Conditioning and moisturising, keeping it nicely hydrated and making it smell just fantastic.

 This is a beard gift that any man would truly appreciate. Offered in a range of  luscious and down-right wonderful scents - here's the low down...


Old Jolls Beard Oil.

Alfriston (Luxury Beard Oil). 


Having trouble deciding on what to get him have a look at our fantastic gift set - the Groombridge gift set (see above right) is a great introduction the the brand an cotains our 3 best selling bead oil scents.

Check out our entire beard oil range here.


No 3 Beard Balm.

 This is one of our favourites and has the very same beard conditioning qualities as the Beard oil range but the balm will give you a bit more control - it's great for those fly away hairs and keeping everything slightly neater.

 The idea behind beard balm is to help guys with bigger beards, we're talking an inch or more from the chin - something to help tame the mane.

Available in some fantastic scents it comes highly recommend with the beard balm collection on our site achieving almost 500, 5 star reviews.

This product offers your average beardsman to step up his game, offering him the ability to tame fly away hairs, condition his beard and provide a fantastic scent.

 Our recommendations ;-


Can't choose a scent? Have a look at the creampot toms collection, you can get 4 x 30ml tins of our best selling beard balm, save a little bit of money and gain a fantastic gift box.


No 4. Muhle shaving razor.

 Muhle's saftey razors are just exquisite, I personally won't shave with anything else.

For years I struggled with a mac-3 or whatever Gillette are calling it these days, but the truth is, if your doing anything other than completely shaving your face anything more than 1 blade is useless.

Muhle's safety razors have unrivalled precision when it comes to 'cutting in' your cheek and neck lines.

Our favourite of the moment is the hexagonal safety razor. Here's a small excerpt from their site:

For the HEXAGON range of products, MÜHLE has collaborated with renowned Berlin designer Mark Braun. The results are the finest shaving implements, expertly proportioned. 

The hexagonal profile of each of these products combines contemporary design with traditional, and thoroughly practical, elements to ensure ergonomics, grip and functionality. A design approach for which Mark Braun has already won many awards.

Featuring matt metallic handle finishes and understated engraving detail, these products are MÜHLE through and through.

Video credit: MÜHLE


This skin revival kit is just fantastic. It contains activated charcoal that purifies your face whilst cologne brightens and helps to rehydrate your skin.

Set Contains:


How to use

  1. Apply the FOAMING MASK and leave on the face for 10 minutes until fully foamed. 
  2. Place UNDER EYE MASKS under the eyes ensuring the smallest end of the mask sits closest to the nose.
  3. Once the UNDER EYE MASKS are in place apply a thin layer of FACE PUTTY PEEL-OFF MASK around the T zone section of the face and around the UNDER EYE MASKS. Wait 15-20 minutes until fully dry and elastic, remove in an upward direction starting at the chin. Next remove the UNDER EYE MASKS.
  4. Once the face is clear, apply the GENTLEMEN'S sheet mask for 15 minutes.


Mens face mask


So that's a wrap. Think we missed any great beard gift ideas? We'd love to hear them!

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