HOW TO: Maintaining a healthy beard

Some are blessed with ridiculous facial fuzz coverage from a young age, but some need a helping hand. To give yourself the best chance of getting your thickest and healthiest beard, you need to start eating better and generally take good care of yourself. It all starts from within, buddy; a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise should get you off to a right start. Invest in a decent multi-vit with lots of B vitamins, look out especially for biotin - which is great for growth. 

Exfoliate at least twice a week; this stimulates the hair follicles and unclogs any blocked pores. Using either a sugar / salt scrub or a boar bristle brush (used dry) will do the job. Follow with our Old Joll’s beard oil, which has tons of nutrients to help promote growth, and you’re well on your way. In-between exfoliating, use a proper beard shampoo. Regular head-hair shampoo can be too harsh and strip your beard of its natural oils - The Miller's beard shampoo bar will do nicely! Frequent trims are a must and will prevent split ends, keeping your beard healthy and shapely.

Finally, it takes will power and patience, my friend. Look to other beards for motivation and inspiration - when Lloyd started out, he used to go Jeff’s Beard Board - definitely check it out. The he learned about the 48 hour rule there, which is if you’re thinking of hacking it off on a bad hair day, take 48 hours to think it through. It’s saved him many a time.

Most of all, enjoy your face forest!!

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