Animals With Better Beards Than You

The return of Blue Planet has had us all marvelling at the wonders of the sea and so we had a little idea. We may look to celebrities for beard inspiration but it can also be found in the unlikeliest of places – the wilderness.

beard animal ibex
The ibex’s chin tuft gives it a noble appearance that we strive for. What does he know that we don’t? What are you gazing at so wistfully? Share your wisdom, Sir Goat.

bearded seal
This bearded seal has serious moustache game – just look at those authoritative whiskers! He’s like a sheriff of the sea.

bearded lion
The king of the jungle and it’s not hard to see why; the biggest, thickest hair of them all. What we’d give to have that glorious, fluffy mane without using a beard brush

bearded dog scotty
We love this Scottish terrier’s glossy beard – he looks like a mini wizard. Achieve similar levels of shine using our beard oil.

bearded animal bison
If Harry Potter’s Hagrid was an animal, he’d be a bison. Their shaggy, fleecy beards look super warm – that’s what we’re aiming for this winter.

bearded orangutan
With a natural goatee, the orangutan has his grooming down. We love the flame hue too. 

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