HOW TO: Stop beard itch

Afternoon, sea dogs. Here's a little gem of knowledge to read whilst you're pretending to be busy on a Monday afternoon at work - that's right, we caught you.

So many of our non-bearded friends say to us, "Don't know how you do it, I give up after about 2 weeks as I can't hack the itchiness!" FOOLS. Beard itch comes about mostly after shaving, and is why so many men don't persist with a beard. Shaving the hair creates a sharp edge on the end of the hair, of course it's going to be irritable whilst it's growing out of your skin! If you've shaved really close to the skin, then the beard hair can sometimes get sucked back into the follicle. (See our blog post on ingrown hairs and how to prevent them here.) As the hair grows, you'll notice that the ends of the beard taper, and thus become less prickly with time. But of course, even the most mature of beards can get beard itch from time to time.

So, how do you prevent the dreaded beard itch? We're glad you asked.

If you shave around the beard, and suffer from beard itch we recommend using a wet razor rather than an electric trimmer; the clean edge razor will create a flat edge on the hair rather than the electric which will create several aged edges.

First things first, scrub the decks. Use The Miller's beard shampoo and occasionally exfoliate to remove dead skin and improve skin circulation for faster recovery.

Secondly, beard oil. Beard oil is your best friend when it comes to beard itch. Our Old Joll's beard oil is perfect for said problem. Containing beard and skin friendly jojoba, vitamin E, sweet almond and argan oils, with added tea tree which helps fight off bacteria and reduce any inflammation. And the best part of it is, you can start using the oil from the get-go; from 5-o'clock-shadow length, through to full on Gandalf-wizard-stylie. Use as required, 1-2 times a day should do the trick.

Heres some info If you want to find out what beard oil is and how to apply it

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