Keep your beard fresh in the heat

Fingers crossed you didn’t shave your beard off in a fit of sweaty frustration when temperatures reached 33°C last week, as we hope you remembered our words of wisdom about your beard being your bff in summer, third only to antiperspirant and air-conditioning. Despite all its benefits such as keeping your face cool and shielding you from harmful UV rays, sweating is inevitable which means you can't afford to slack on your personal hygiene. 

Here’s how to keep it fresh: 

Don't scratch 
Clawing your fingernails across the skin underneath your beard can irritate the follicles and lead to infection, and will most likely also cause beardruff. If you've started cleansing it with shampoo and conditioning it with beard oil, you'll probably find it's a lot less itchy than usual. But if you do feel the urge, why not keep a small boar bristle brush in your rucksack or desk drawer to satisfy the scratch. It's a lot less harsh and will exfoliate your skin, stimulate the follicles to promote growth and distribute your own natural oils. 

Wash it 
You wouldn’t leave your greasy mop for more than a couple of days would you? So don’t neglect giving your beard a proper clean either. Water won’t do – use The Miller’s Shampoo Bar to cleanse away bits of food and dead skin and get it feeling squeaky clean without the dreaded tightness. Remember to gently pat dry to minimise frizz. As the shampoo is solid, it's great for taking on holiday - you can even slice a piece off to pack in your hand luggage for those cheeky Ryanair weekends away. 

Give it a trim 
Whether you’re giving it a go yourself or popping to the barber’s, a trim can freshen up your face, even out your beard and get you looking ready for those summer weddings. Maybe it's even time to reassess whether you're rocking the right style for your face shape

Scent it 
The great thing about our beard oils is that first and foremost, they care for your face fuzz with their nourishing blend of argan, sweet almond, vitamin E and jojoba oils, but there's a choice of scents too that will subtly linger and release every time you give your chin a pensive rub. We love citrus blends for a zingy awakening in the morning, such as the Old Joll's Mandarin, Cedar Wood and Juniper Beard Oil or Old Joll's Black Pepper and Grapefruit blend. 

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