HOW TO // Ask for the beard trim you want

Regular beard trims are a must in order to keep your facial furniture looking and feeling its best. But if you're not up to the job yourself, calling in a professional to do it for you can be just as daunting. After growing your precious beardilocks for weeks, if not months, you don't want someone to hack it all away within minutes.

So we thought we'd compile some tips for you to prepare for your trip to the barbers, so you can ensure you get the beard you want.  

Trimming a beard

 Ask your bearded amigos if there are any that they can recommend, but most barbers are capable! However it is worth checking with a friend (or a fellow beardie you spot when you’re out and about!) who has a well maintained beard, who they use to keep their face fuzz in check. Most barbers these days offer beard trims, due to the rising popularity of beards over the past few years, but you still need to be selective!

When you’ve picked your barber of choice, first up, let the barber know when you last had your beard trimmed. This can give them some idea of how your beard grows and at what speed. It also lets them know what you're used to, so they're not likely to go ahead and take a lot of the length off if they know you've been trying to grow it.

If you’ve not been growing it for long, trimming a beard is still of benefit even when it’s relatively short - an experienced barber will be able to shape your beard to keep it looking sharp.

If you can, try and get a photo to show them something similar to what you're after (head to Pinterest & find plenty.) Be sure to try and choose an image with similar beard to yours - there's no use showing a picture of a guy with a high hair line if yours doesn't grow that high up your cheeks. Similarly if your beard hair is quite curly, it's no good showing an image of a guy with straighter beard hairs. This serves two purposes; it can be hard to communicate what you want at the barbers, so a visual aid will help (hairdressers are typically visual people!) and it will give the barber some idea of what you're expecting.

Finally, let them know how much you're willing to part with. Be prepared to say goodbye to a good centimetre if you're wanting to get rid of the ends, but if you're going for a re-style, make sure you're crystal clear as to how much your willing to have cut off, ie. 3cm, an inch etc.

Questions to ask about your beard trim

  • Where should I have my shave line around my jaw/neck?
  • What style of beard do you think might suit me? (They are the pros, after all!)
  • How often should I return to your expert scissors for a beard trim?
  • How should I comb my beard? (Your hair may grow in different directions but you can tame it by combing it in a certain direction.)

The barber should check and reiterate what's been said and then everybody is clear about what the aim of the game is, and you'll be on your merry way to the beard of your dreams. Most barbers stock some kind of beard conditioning product range [and the very best stock The Brighton Beard Company beard oil ;) ] so get them to apply generously to your newly neatened facial fur.

Most of all, try to relax and not to worry. They are the experts, after all, and they won't leave you looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway. And even if they do, you'll still have Wilson.

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