Our Top 5 Weird Beards

There are infinite ways in which to style your facial fuzz and although there are certain styles that are a safe bet to wear every day, we can’t help but envy the weird and the wacky creations that our fellow beardsmen manage to sculpt.

Image credit: Jan Hetfleisch http://lifestyle.howstuffworks.com/style/hairstyles/images-2015-world-beard-moustache-competition.htm

The structure, the hold, the design – where to start with this one?! We couldn’t find out the guy’s name in the photo – if anyone knows, please let us know so we can credit him! Sculpted for the 2015 World Beard & Moustache Competition in Austria, this gentleman was one of over 300 worldwide contestants who competed across sixteen different categories. We’re not sure if he won but he looks like a worthy winner to us - kudos for those hypnotising circles. We think trendy secret cocktail bars should only employ barmen who sport this kind of thing – imagine the tricks! Throwing a slice of lime through one of those loops and over his shoulder into a highball glass behind him…

Image credit: @primenate shot by @gregandersonphoto

We love L.A.-based Nate Johnson’s whiskers; fantastic texture, colour and structure and on paper the beard gap might not translate but in person, it works. This is what we’d expect the Cheshire Cat to don if Alice in Wonderland got the Great Gatsby Hollywood-movie treatment - Nate, we mean that in the nicest possible way. We reckon one of our boar-bristle brushes would work a treat on this style to detangle while our Jevington Jigg’s Moustache and Beard Wax will help those hairs defy gravity and keep it scented to perfection.

Image credit: @thegaybeards

We have to give these guys a mention for sheer imagination – if you don’t follow their Instagram account, what are you waiting for? There’s endless sources of fancy-dress inspiration, because when you can’t be bothered to fashion yourself a costume out of a supermarket-sweep around Primark and whatever’s leftover from last year’s Halloween, make the ultimate impression by keeping your outfit ordinary and your beard extraordinary. Using everything from crisps to cereal to flowers, they really make their faces into works of art.

Willi Chevalier

Quite a name on the beard circuit, Willi Chevalier has held multiple titles including Winner of the Partial Beard Freestyle Category and World Champion Freestyle Chin Beard. He’s also used his beard expertise to serve as a judge at competitions, and is instantly recognisable by his octopus-inspired tendrils that Davy Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean would be proud of. We applaud the hold yet seemingly touchably soft texture – these kind of styles can end up looking rock-hard and saturated with product but this masterpiece looks like he almost wakes up with it looking like this. If you were hoping to attempt something inspired by Willi, we’d recommend using our extra firm wax for sculpting and then brushing through to distribute the product evenly and to work the hold into the hair.

Well this isn’t something you see every day. This guy looks like he’s grown a lovely fluffy beard for winter and it’s got to summer (which isn’t a problem for you beardy boys who are thinking of chopping it all off – don’t ) and he’s compromised by allowing full ventilation to his face without sacrificing his pride and joy. To be fair he probably saves himself a bit of cash on scarves and I bet he never spills sauce down his shirt with that built-in napkin.

We hope you’ve been enlightened to the world of weird beards and are inspired to venture into some less mainstream styles next time you pick up the clippers as we love diversity, especially when it comes to our favourite feature. Even if you were thinking of mowing it all off, why not have some fun first and show us by tagging us with #brightonbeardco or sending your photos to hello@thebrightonbeardcompany.co.uk.

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