HOW TO // Prep Your Summer Beard

The sun’s finally emerged from hibernation so you may be reaching for your denim cut-offs and SPF30 but whatever you do, do not reach for the razor. On the days between jumpers and umbrellas, when you find yourself perspiring on public transport and washing your t-shirts more often than you’d like, it’s easy to blame your beard for obstructing ventilation to your jaw region but alas, take note of the following: a beard acts as a shield against seasonal elements. In winter, it will protect your skin from harsh cold and wind, and in summer it will protect you from UV rays – up to 95% according to Australian scientists. Also, in the same way cotton clothes wick moisture away from your body and keep you cool, your beard does the same thing for your face. 

Start with the basics by investing in a beard comb. Sweat can cause your hair to matte together and look patchy, so using one of these to tame and detangle your beard will give it the even texture you desire for your holiday Snaps. Try one of our  ox horn beard combs – it’s made up of the same proteins as your own hair, so will glide through sans static or breakage. 

Your skin tends to dry out more in summer, therefore you moisturise. Apply the same principle to your face fuzz; to keep it looking glossy and glorious, you need to nourish it, and natural products are the best at doing this without excess build-up. Our beard oils contain quenching jojoba oil and vitamin E, and the fresh citrus notes in Old Joll's Mandarin, Cedar Wood And Juniper Beard Oil and Old Joll's Black Pepper And Grapefruit Beard Oil will give you a vitalising burst of aromatherapy in the morning to kick-start your day. 

Finally, accessorise your beard with one of our Brighton Beard Co Logo Mens Slub Tees – crafted in lightweight white cotton, it will offer supreme comfort for those sticky days. Just make sure you give it a wash every now and then.

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