5 ways to tame your wiry beard.

5 Ways to tame your wiry beard.

So you need some help to tame that dry wiry mess of a beard, thats fine here at The Brighton Beard Co. we’ve got you covered.

It’s common knowledge these days that a man with a beard is infinitely more likely to get the girl, he’s stronger faster and better looking than his more aerodynamic smooth faced counter part - that being said if you’ve let your beard get wiry, frizzy and dry your going to struggle. 

If your beard is in this kind of condition you’ll find it itchy and irritating, I don't think it’s good look in anyones book.

If you end up in this position it’s going to make you wonder why you started to grow a beard in the first place, god forbid it might actually push you over the edge and force you to cut the whole thing off, we at The Brighton Beard Company don’t like the sound of that at all.

We've rallied the troops in the office and have come up with the best 5 way ways to tame your wiry beard, we’ll show you how it gets to be so wiry and give you helpful hints to get things back on track.


No 1. Apply beard oil regularly.

Applying beard oil isn't’ rocket science, just like when your skins feels dry you moisturise, the same principle applies to your beard hair - if it’s brittle and dry your going to want to be using a good quality beard oil daily if you’ve got a particularly dry beard or if your job involves working outside or you sit in an air conditioned room all day, you might even benefit from using it twice daily.

Beard Oil is designed and fits perfectly the purpose of hydrating your beard and conditioning the skin underneath to provide an environment that helps to promote growth, a mix of carrier and essential oils that have been carefully chosen for their skin and beard blessing benefits.

You’ll notice some of these benefits almost immediately and others are going to drop in other the next week or too. At this point you be sitting pretty with a beautifully soft and luscious beard, it will smell fantastic and no longer be so wiry and frizzy, pair with one of our gorgeous boar bristle brushes and you’ll have a team to be reckoned with - they help you make your beard look fuller thicker and well groomed. You may even want to try a beard balm, heres the low down on the differences and which one is right for you.


No 2. Look after your skin.

The longer your beard gets the more likely you are to ignore the problems brewing below, a big mistake in our book - it’s ok we’re not judging we understand that getting to the skin beneath is a little harder than it used to be but if your determined to get rid of that unruly wiry mess your going to need to get in there an sort it out.

Beard Oil used correctly will go a long way in creating a good environment for skin and hair alike but we’d suggest taking it one step further.

Get yourself a good exfoliant like this one from Liz Earle and don’t be scared to get it right into the depths of your beard and give it a good old rub right down to the skin - a few things you want to be aware of stay away from products heavily laden with chemicals and chose something along the natural lines, sea salt, sugar and charcoal scrubs are a good place to start - go easy on the charcoal though as this can cause your beard to dry out, especially if you don’t use the right Beard oil or balm to condition after use.


Just remember the skin is so important just like the earth to a tree - if the nutrients aren’t in the soil it’s not going to grow. 


No 3, Avoiding drying out your beard.


OK so we’re not suggesting for a minute that you get out of the shower an don’t dry your beard - but theres a few everyday things we would suggest you do your best to avoid.

The big one that has to mentioned is using the wrong shampoo.

You see shampoo designed for you head hair just insn't going to cut the mustard. Its far to strong to be used on the face and will dry your skin and beard out - normally these shampoo are full of sulphates and parabens and these are two things I would wold suggest are heavily avoided.

Your best bet is to use a product designed for purpose that 100% natural and will help keep your skin and beard in the condition you’d like - you see when you use a shampoo designed for your head you strip away the natural oil (sebum) in your skin and this is not what you want.

If you use a specialised beard shampoo, it is designed to work with your bodies natural biology instead of against it, creating the most desired result in turn this will help combat the wiry, dry frizzy beard.


No 4. Give it a trim.

A best why to start felling good about your beard agin, it’s one of those thing all beadsman hate to think about - the amount of time put into growing these luscious locks and now we’re telling you to chop them off!

Yes!! Well in a way - you’ll find by given yourself a small trim weekly or bi weekly the growth you get is faster stronger and healthier you see by sniping the ends of the wiry beard we’re getting rid of split ends and thus making your beard look thicker and fuller in the process.

If your feeling up to it take car of you neck and check line - you’ll be surprised how much difference.

Straight after the chop and your favourite beard oil oil balm and your set to go - is wise to remember if your one of the lucky ones with almost unhumanly growth to go for a beard balm to really help condition the beard and all those flyaway hairs.


No 5. Feed the beard.

Not literally we’ve all seen this guy.

We talking about eating well, good fresh food with good nutrients - we’re all guilty of not neglecting ourselves in this way.

This is how we make sure the growth you achieve is the best it can be, this is basically healthy living.


So you’ll be wanting to check out our series of blog post : eat your way to a healthier beard.













Once your on top of your diet you’ll wait to start doing some exercise - resistance training is great for improving your strength and endurance, a by product of these thing is your body increasing production of testosterone which in turn helps tremendously when trying to achieve the best possible growth.


The Low down.

  • Use Beard Oil. 
  • Look after your skin.
  • Avoiding drying out your beard.
  • Give it a trim.
  • Feed the beard.

So wether you've been bearding for years or are new on the scene, if your looking to grow your best possible beard without the worry of wiry, frizzy growth, split ends and the dreaded beard itch.

Be sure to check out our fantastic collection of beard grooming products, each designed and manufactured in the UK by our small but dedicated team, each of our ingredients has been chosen for its beard blessing benefits or impeccable fragrance.

With the right routine you’ll smell & look fantastic.

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