Eat your way to a healthier beard // Nº4

For this month’s recipe, we bring you another super quick solution that will get you on track to a full luscious beard in time for the winter chill. These Banana Beard Bites taste like banana bread dough but are totally sin-free (no gluten, dairy or animal products) and you can make them in 5 minutes, freeze them, impress your colleagues with them, use them to create world peace… 

1 banana 
15 dates 
2 tbsp coconut flour 
½ tsp vanilla extract
100g walnuts 
1 tbsp almond butter 

Pulse the walnuts and keep a third of them to the side. Chuck the dates in a blender (we used deli Deglet Nour dates from Holland & Barrett as they’re softer and juicier), scrape out, mash in your banana, stir in all the other ingredients and combine until you achieve a smooth yet sticky paste. Use a couple of spoons to form balls of the mixture and drop into the chopped walnuts. Roll to coat and use your hands to form into a neater shape, decorate with dark chocolate, chopped nuts or seeds (we rolled some of ours in chia seeds for extra nutritional brownie points) and refrigerate or freeze.  

The double hit of nuts give you the protein essential for strong hair structure as well as vitamins B and E, which reduce breakage and hair loss. The potassium content in the banana and dates eliminate excess sodium accumulation around the hair follicles, which can prevent nutrient absorption needed for healthy hair – so not only delicious but great for your face rug too!

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