Change is a' coming // New logo

You may have noticed our logo is looking a little different these days... 

We recently turned five years old here at The Brighton Beard Co. and it seemed like the perfect time to change up our look and inject some new products to our collection.

Gone are the days of our sailor-esque font, and say hello to a cleaner, fresher approach. Also dropping to 'Co.' instead of 'Company' immediately felt lighter and marked the start in our new journey. 

A lot has changed in our five years. From just three products to our name to over 50 varieties of beard and moustache care products. We've grown up, and grown massively. It's crazy to think that our initial sales, mostly from our early Twitter followers, have transformed into customers from all over the world. 

That being said - the love, care and attention to detail hasn't changed one bit. Change is a' coming, and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on.

Our logo is just the first of many changes in our evolution. We think you're going to love where we're going with this...

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I’ve used several of your beard products and they are sensational. I’m worried though. As an advocate for cruelty free beard products I see the range expanding including leather bags, ox horn combs etc. As I understand the properties of leather would it be possible to add a vegan beard bag with faux leather and vegan glue. Being based in Brighton I’m sure you’ll have a massive following from the veg/vegan community if you did a vegan range. Also are you still committed to cruelty free with your testing, stillonky teated on humans? I do hope you haven’t been bought out by a bigger company who’s ethics are questionable. I hope you can set my mind at rest so I can still use you guys in the future. Stay bearded


Ren February 03, 2019

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