Looking for the best beard oil? The Brighton Beard Company have created the very finest blend of oils to bring you Old Joll’s beard oil. We use all natural ingredients of the highest quality to handcraft our products.

Old Joll’s beard oil is hand blended and poured in small batches right here at our HQ in Brighton, in the UK. With all our ingredients chosen for their beard-blessing benefits and impeccable fragrance to create the very best beard oil available, our beard oil will ensure a healthy beard from root to tip. Created with argan, jojoba, sweet almond and vitamin E oils, our blend is quickly absorbed, won’t clog pores and will help prevent beardruff and itchiness. Our beard oil will nourish your skin, prevent irritation and give your beard a well-groomed look.

Complete your beard care routine with some nutritious beard balm from our exclusive collection.

One of our best-selling products, Creampot Tom’s beard balm; a nutritious butter for your beard. A heavier conditioning treatment which increases the overall density of your beard, whilst providing a light hold to help tame those wild flyaway hairs so many of us have. Combine your balm with a boar bristle brush for the ultimate beard smoothing experience. Our beard balm is specially formulated to condition your beard and is available in four delicious scents.

When you've gone to the effort of cultivating the perfect beard with our range of beard oil, you want to make sure you have the clothes to match. Take a look at The Brighton Beard Company's clothing and lifestyle merch, including t-shirts for ladies and gents, plus our fair trade cotton shopping bag.
Treat the beard you love to a little something with one of our beard gift sets. Whether you're after a selection of balms and oils via our Crowlink Loot gift set, a selection of uniqely fragranced beard oils in our Groombridge set, or simply want to treat the furry-faced fellow in your life with one of our gift cards, there's something for every beardsman in our range of exclusive beard care gift sets. Once you've sorted out his beard needs, why not check out our range of clothing to accessorise with the face-fuzz?

Are you looking for a beard brush or comb to keep your face fluff looking its best?

The right beard comb and brush can make all the difference when it comes to beard grooming. We’ve created our very own range of UK handmade ox horn beard & moustache combs, as well as 100% boar bristle brushes to complement our line of beard care oils and beard balms.

Why do we only sell ox horn combs and boar brushes? We’re glad you asked. Ox horn is made from the same proteins as your hair and nails, and so it glides through the beard effortlessly without snagging or damaging the shaft of the hair. And boar bristles brushes? Well, these exfoliate the skin and follicles, thus in turn keeping beard-ruff at bay whilst extracting dust, flakes and evenly distributing your beard's natural oils. We find these two dream materials hard to beat.

As well our very own line of brush and combs, we also stock Jony Smith combs and Kent boar bristle brushes.

Our most favoured stock, as chosen by beards across the globe...