Last Minute Gift Guide

Left your christmas shopping a little late this year?..... Here's ten last minute gift ideas that will fool anyone into thinking hours of thought went into it.

1. Framed Print 

Framed prints are one of the best gifts as they are so easy to personalise, there are so many out there and of just about anything so there really is something for everyone. Whether it's an artsy print, their favourite tv programme or a place they've been to they're bound to love it. There are so many available online or if you're artsy and have the time you can make one yourself, even more special.  


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2. Beeswax wraps

These are a lovely gift and really useful to have in the kitchen. They are a great alternative to cling film and look great, readily available to buy online and in some stores but if you have the time you can also make your own. If you make your own you can really personalise the fabric which you use, and pick something you think they will really like. 

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3. Freshly baked bread

Ooooh, you can just smell it now. Now obviously this gift isn't for everyone as making a good loaf of bread can take years to master, however if you're a keen baker or have a bread maker (which are genius and do everything for you) this is a great gift, especially if the person you're giving it to doesn't bake, they'll be blown away by the apparent effort that went in to it. Or if you prefer, freshly baked cakes or cookies are an excellent alternative.

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4. Houseplant

Small houseplants are a great gift for both plant lovers and those less keen, as they brighten up an area and if you choose the right one are low maintenance. There are many varieties of plant so you can pick something that you think will match their personality! Although I'm a fan of the cactus..... not sure what that says about me. You can now also get plants delivered so it's never been so easy to send a gift, just a few clicks.

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5. Creampot Tom's beard balm

A great gift for your bearded friends, comes in two sizes 30ml and 60ml and five different scents so theres something for everyone. A staple for anyone with a beard and a great gift whether they have used the Brighton Beard Co.'s products before or not.  It will leave their beard smiling and looking great, what a great gift.

6. Personalised pack of playing cards

For those who love games, especially good for christmas time too. It doesn't take long to upload some photos and makes a great personal present that will actually be used and have good memories with it too. 

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7. Mixed tape (or modern day equivalent if you like)

What used to be a classic gift, and really showed you knew the person. However tapes are a bit outdated and even if you managed to get gold of a cassette you may not be able to get hold of a cassette player. However the idea is still great and I think a CD or playlist would still show the thought you put in.

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8. Socks

Everyone loves socks right, I mean they've got to be good socks but I am forever running out, getting holes in or losing one of a pair of socks. So I welcome socks as a present, we mentioned Jollies socks in our full christmas gift guide, but there are plenty more great socks out there and for any sort of person.

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9. Large Throw

Now that it's winter time and the nights have fully closed in and if you're anything like me feel perpetually cold, a throw will be welcome anytime. There are a whole range out there to choose from, whether plain or a jazzy pattern or made form a nice thick wool or a lighter cotton.

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10. Wash Bags

The Ruxley wash bag is elegant, purposefully understated and simply stunning. A truly timeless piece that focuses on the beautiful soft golden leather and will be well received by anyone, including yourself! 


Hopefully these gift ideas will help you on your way to ace christmas this year, go on times 'a' ticking get shopping!

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