Christmas Gift Guide

So with Christmas looming we thought we'd do a little christmas gift guide for those of you who are struggling for ideas. Christmas can be a tricky time, ensuring you have bought all the presents you need but also not going overboard. Some people are tricky to buy for too, I certainly know a few people who are very unhelpful for their own gift ideas. Hopefully this blog will guide you through the minefield that is christmas shopping.

Starting with £10 and under                                                                        (perfect stocking fillers or office secret santa gifts):

Number 1 on our list is of course our Old Joll's Beard Oil (10ml) or Creampot Tom's Beard Balm (30ml):

10ml Oil

The perfect little gift; three glorious scents to choose from and leaves the beard feeling glossy and rejuvenated. Hand made in batches and using only the best natural Ingredients these oils are just what Santa ordered! If you really want to treat someone the Groombridge giftset consists of all three scents or the oils come in a larger size of 30ml.

30ml Beard Balm

 A slightly heavier treatment for a longer length to tame the beard and has the same effect of leaving your beard looking well cared for and a subtle gloss finish. Available in 5 delightful scents and like all of our products hand made in small batches with all natural ingredients. Available in a larger 60ml variety too for a gift that keeeeeeeeeeps on giving.

Mr Zogs sex wax car freshener

I don't know about you but car air fresheners are something I never buy but always wish I had. Mr Zogs sex wax air freshener is a classic and always smells amazing and lasts for ages, available in coconut, grape, pineapple and strawberry scents, nice and fruity. The smell always brings me back to summer, and reminds me that it will eventually return, no matter how unlikely it may seem.


Although not everybody's cup of tea, I Love stickers and I use them to personalise my stuff from my laptop, helmet, skis and even my car. They come in some awesome designs and although they're branding most stickers don't have horrible Logos.



Portable charger

Portable chargers are so handy and yet so many people don't have them. Battery life on mobiles varies but if you use your phone as much as I do it never lasts more than a few hours, having a battery pack has saved me quite a few times. This is a great gift no matter how well you know the person, so ideal for both the office secret santa and for a close friend; they come in some really great designs too so can be a fun as well as practical gift.


 Canvas wash bags: 

The Duffle

 A great stocking filler, on its own or with more beardy presents inside. A casual wash bag but still very stylish and comes in a delightful khaki-grey colour in honour of our nautical heritage. 

The Roll-Down Ditty 

A slightly smarter look than the duffle pouch, sporting the same lovely colour but in a paper-bag style with a leather fastening. A similar size to the duffle pouch so can still fit in all of your favourite Brighton beard Co. products. The roll down ditty is also available in a gorgeous golden leather so you can choose which style you prefer.

Jollies sox

For every pair bought Jollies will donate a pair to a shelter, helping homeless people become independent again and back on their feet (toasty warm in Jollies socks). So what has become a pretty standard christmas gift now warms your feet, looks great and gives back to the community and all for only £14. Yay.



 a classic gift for christmas, and if the recipient is anything like me will have lost the one you gave them last year so will always need a new one. They are available pretty much everywhere this time of year and a lot of it is personal taste but I think this one by blah blah is particularly nice. 

Poster prints

 Game of Thrones is just an example as I know not everyone loves it as much as me. However there are hundreds of other prints available of TV shows, films and bands all of which would make a great personal gift. Individual posters start at around £5-10.


 Patches are a really fun way to personalise some of your more plain items of clothing. These are quite readily available but these by P and Co. are on trend and are Iron-on so no sewing required! A great little stocking filler.

4Ocean bracelet

Like Jollies socks buying one of these will also count as a good deed. Made from Recycled plastic from the sea, so not only is someone receiving a lovely bracelet you're also helping clean up the seas from man-made waste. Every bracelet bought will fund the removal of one pound (0.5kg), of rubbish from oceans & coastlines. 


Whiskey taster pack 

This classy little selection of different Scottish Whiskeys will go down a treat, showcasing a variety of different undertones from the different regions of Scotland;from the peaty & smoky Islay, the fruity & malty Highlands, the soft & floral Lowlands to the honeyed, often Sherried Speyside. 

Crowlink Gift set

Consisting of The Brighton Beard Co. debut products in a lovely drawstring hessian bag; 60ml mandarin and cedar wood beard balm and extra firm wax as well as a 10ml oil in the scent of your choice. Would make any bearded man very happy.

Coffee taster pack - lovers letter box hamper

Coffee, loved by many and as a country we drink around 95 million cups of Coffee a DAY! Thats a lot of coffee as such this little coffee selection would be a great gift, means you get to taste a variety of different coffee's to see which one you like best. This specific box also comes with some indulgent chocolate and choice biscuits for dunking....What could be better.

Instant photo printer

It's so easy to take photos nowadays on a phone, however rarely do I get any printed which always seems such a shame. With this instant printer that prints in a polaroid style it has never been so quick and easy to pin up all your favourite pictures. 


Alfriston gift set

The most nourishing and luxurious gift set, consisting of both a balm and oil your beard will look the best it ever has. This gift set is second to none and although has a premium price tag it will not disappoint particularly if gifting to a proud beard owner.

Ruxley wash bag

A very elegant design purposefully understated to focus on the beautiful soft golden leather. A truly timeless piece that will will be well received, and it definitely still counts as a gift if your buy it for yourself, or that's my ruling anyway. Go on treat yourself.


Wireless headphones used to be super pricey even for an average pair, however you can now pick up a pretty good pair for a lot less. Very handy throughout the winter too as they double up as ear muffs! Essential for the cold British winters.


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