Jevington Jigg's Moustache Wax // Firm & Extra Firm!

Hello moustache growers, we’d like to introduce you to our legendary moustache wax.

Jevington Jigg’s moustache wax comes in ‘Firm’ and ‘Extra firm’ so the choice is yours depending on how unruly your moustache is. For those mischevious moustaches that need a bit more of a firm hand, or those who like to twizzle and twist their moustaches into crazy shapes the ‘Extra firm’ is probably the one for you. Whereas if it needs just a bit of gentle encouragement the ‘firm’ will probably do the trick.

We didn’t want your tash getting jealous of our beard care products so our moustache waxes are now available in our base 6 scents too, meaning you can now tame that tash in your favourite scent!

You can choose from: Mandarin and Cedarwood, Black Pepper and Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood, Sandalwood, Elemi and Lavender, Lime and Basil and Jasmin and lemon.

It’s not just the scents that are new, the ‘firm’ and extra firm’ wax now come in a handy tube which is not only fun to use, practical too. We are trying to reduce our waste and switch to recyclable materials as much as possible, introducing a recyclable cardboard tube is just another step towards our goal!

Normally a little of our wax goes a long way but if your top lip tickler needs a bit more to get it under control you can always choose our larger size (30g) 'Extra firm' wax tins.

If you're growing a Tash for the first time and need a little help to get it to perfection, or need some guidance on how best to use the moustache wax check out our blog post.

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