New look // The process

Top of the morning, folk. Today's blog post is a little different; we wanted to showcase the process of how our new packaging came to life. 

We knew that we wanted to have a fresh new look; going a lot more minimalist and clean, but with a nod to our nautical origins. We loved the octopus on our old-style Miller's wrap, and so we thought we'd run with that...

All of our designs are created by Jessica. With a background in Fashion and a passion for illustration, it wasn't no hardship!! Playing around with pencil, and different pen thicknesses to achieve the final versions, both The Brighton Beard Co. HQ and Jessica & Lloyd's house were plastered with hundreds of tentacles in multiples of eight. 

Lovingly hand-drawn, she created a series of six octopi which were then scanned and edited, before placed on our mocked up packaging. The original illustrations are due to be framed and hung about the place!

The octopus design has now become a signature staple in our new look, used on products and our delightful tissue wrap, as seen here...

What do you think of the new style packaging? 

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