HOW TO // Style your mo'

This post is dedicated to the 'tache, and more specifically, how you should GO about styling the MO', with our Jevington Jigg's moustache wax.


First things first, you've got to train that mo'. We're guessing that you've got your moustache to a certain length for you to consider styling it in the first place,  and we're also guessing that you've found some disobedient strands in there too? You know, the ones that go the opposite way to the rest, or perhaps the ends keep curling into your mouth? We feel your pain, mo' bro.  The easiest thing to do is to train the hairs to go the way you'd like with moustache wax. Apply daily and use your comb to smooth the hairs in the direction you desire.

Now, how to use moustache wax? We're glad you asked. We have two holds of wax here at The Brighton Beard Company; firm and extra firm. The latter is for the more eccentric styles, such as your 'handlebars' or 'Dali's', as it contains a little more beeswax to help hold the style for longer. 'Firm' wax is perfect for those more natural styles or for training purposes. 

Start off with a nice, clean face and moustache - The Miller's beard shampoo bar works a treat. Mr. Twit is not the aim. Begin to warm the wax in the tin; be this with your finger rubbing the product, or with a hairdryer, pointing the end into the tin (not for long, mind. It will heat quickly and can make a mess... trust us.) Once warmed, take a pea size amount and rub it between your thumbs and index fingers, so that you have an even amount of product on each digit. A little goes a long way, and so it's best to go back for more if need be, rather than ending up looking like you've dipped your face in a honey pot.

For a neat, tidy and natural style:-
Next, start smoothing the product into the hairs, starting with the outer corners of your mouth and pull in a down, outward motion. Continue this motion but start from higher up on the lip and repeat until the product is evenly applied. Comb through to ensure even distribution, or use more wax should you need to.

For a more styled, twizzly number:-
Same as above, but focus the majority of the product on the outer ends of the hairs. You'll want to ensure you're relatively happy with the section directly under your nose before you start twisting the ends, so that it's a smooth transition, rather than try to blend the middle hairs into the ends later, which can be tricky. As you're pulling the hairs down and out as above, you'll want to start rolling the hair - do this by keeping your index finger and thumb together in a 'pinching' stance, but keep the finger flat and let your thumb roll underneath which should start to twist the hairs together. Continue to twist, twizzle and shape to your hearts desire.

Keep your tin in your pocket for top-ups during the day, should you need to, that way the product is already half warm ready for you to apply.

Top tip - if and when trimming the moustache at home, make sure you do this when the hair is clean and dry, rather than wet. Wet hairs hang heavier and once dry, you'll find that you may have taken off more than you thought when the hair bounces back to it's true length.

Want to keep your styled mo' in ship shape for as long as possible? Whisker Dam. That is all.

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