Weekend treat // FREE Shave Oil with every Double-Edged Safety Razor

If you’re like us, you’ve all been waiting for the day that we get that extra hour of blessed sunshine (at least we hope sunshine and not rain!). To celebrate the clocks going forward, this weekend* we’ve got a little treat for you so you can look extra good in that extra hour of light; we’re offering a free Shave Oil with every purchase of one of our swanky Double Edged Safety Razors. No need to do anything - simply add your razor to your shopping cart, and the oil will be added automatically! *Offer is from 27-28th March 2021.

double-edged safety razor

Our razors aren’t only there to make your bathroom look good, they’re weighty in hand and give the smoothest shave of your life. Being a safety razor you can be assured of no nicks or cuts and the subsequent red, blotchy and stinging face; just smooth skin and a well defined beard.

 Not only will it leave you looking sharp, it can be your good deed for the day too; Billions of disposable razors get thrown away each year into landfill causing a multitude of environmental issues, by using our non-disposable razor each time you shave it’s another step in the right direction to help ease our impact on the planet.

 Following up a shave with a shave oil is a no brainer and luckily for you, you get a free bottle with any purchase of our double-edged safety razor this weekend. Our Smoker mills oil works to ease any potential irritation to the skin by keeping it hydrated and nourished with our specially chosen blend of oils. Hydration is often key to healthy looking and feeling skin and our oil will work double time to keep it that way without being heavy on the skin.


So go on get shopping for your new Razor….

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