Spring // changing things up

As the seasons change so do we, from mood to clothing to our skin and I think one of the best transitions is from winter to spring. We all need that hit of sunshine and ability to leave the house without wanting to immediately return to its warmth. So with that in mind it is very important to treat your skin and beard to a little love as each season passes. We all know winter is super drying  for the skin and hair which is why it’s so important to keep a good routine ( all year round but especially in winter) no one enjoys a dry beard!

spring beard

Moisturisation is key, day and night; our oils are perfectly blended to give both the skin and the hairs exceptional nourishment and hydration. With the transition into spring it can be tricky as the weather is so changeable, however if in doubt make sure to use a bit of oil before leaving the house. As the weather gets warmer however you may feel your beard only needs oil once a day to keep it hydrated and it’s important to take careful note of how your beard health is doing, as over oily can be just as detrimental. Our oils go a long way so you only need a little to ensure your whole beard is coated.

beard oils

When the weather starts to get warmer and we start to get out and about a bit more, you may even want to give your beard a little trim to help it stay feeling and looking fresh in the heat. Another way to make a change between the seasons is mixing it up between our delightful scents. We’ve found that lime and basil or Black Pepper and Grapefruit become ever more popular around this time, as they’re both light, Zingy scents perfect for spring/summer.

beard balm

If using both balm and oil throughout the winter this can be carried out through spring and summer too - our balm should be light enough that it won’t feel heavy and greasy on your beard in the heat and will still provide that light hold to keep those stray hairs in place.

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