Valentines day // Lockdown special

So valentines day might not be the usual affair of dinner, drinks and a movie this year but we’ve got some fabulous valentines day ideas to celebrate being with the one you love.

Of course if you can’t go out for dinner, a dinner in for two is the next best option. I know it doesn’t sound exciting but with a little bit of effort you can make it special.

Get inventive it doesn’t have to be at the table (although with a nice table cloth, candles and some music this is an easy fix). Grab some sofa cushions, set up a cute little picnic area or makeshift tent and get some good food. Whether you have a lovingly home cooked meal, a cheeky takeaway, nibbley bits, dine in for two deal or even classic cheese board with a good wine of course, it’s going to be good. Honestly just making a bit of effort to make things a bit different to-day-to day will be a huge boost and will be a little bit of fun.

date night

Get some drinks in - treat yourself, if you’re saving money on going out you can get some nice alcohol to have with your meal or you can get some awesome pre-made cocktail boxes delivered straight to your door, faaannnncccyy! You can even do online masterclasses if you fancy getting involved yourself.


Set up a good movie in the comfort of your own home and make it plush, a drink in hand and some fresh popcorn will go down a treat. Also no one will be shushing you and you won’t have to annoy anyone to go to the toilet half way through the film! If you want it to be really special you can get everything you need, projector and all from Celestial cinema.

home cinema

Make the most of the day as well as the night - it’s on a Sunday this year so it can be a whole day affair if you want it to be. Depending on how romantic you want to be, breakfast in bed, flowers, cute notes are always a nice touch not matter how cheesy they are (you don’t have to tell anyone, we won’t tell we promise). 


A nice walk is always therapeutic and although it might be chilly it will be invigorating and some quality alone time with your loved one.

romantic walk

Games, games are a great way to get the endorphins going if you get a bit giggly with it and you can definitely have fun with just two. There are some awesome live online events too that would spice up your evening - a live comedy night to get the laughs going or how about getting a little bit loser to your partner (quite literally) with a rumba dance lesson from strictly duo Aljaz and Janette.  Perhaps a Cabaret night? or how about a murder mystery (ooh I do love a murder mystery) you can even buy a Sherlock Holmes inspired mystery complete with delivery of afternoon tea? Something a bit different ey.


Single? No problem - how about virtual speed dating, possibly the best idea - comfort of your own home, wine you like, and comfier of the bottom half - check, check, check. 

There’s no excuse, there’s plenty out there to enjoy. Try something new. And if all else fails, sexy underwear.

Don’t worry I’m not forgetting presents. Presents are the best.

Here’s our guide, we only include the best gifts (oh whoops, appears to be only our products 🤭)


Aldington blues

aldington blues

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For those with an unruly beard and mo’ - this set contains a 10ml oil, 40ml balm and XF wax tube in any of our 6 scents. All neatly tied up in our earthy waxed canvas duffle pouch.

Gift bundle

 gift bundle

Our delightful waxed canvas roll-down ditty wash bag with an XF moustache wax tube, Millers shampoo bar, 30ml oil and 40ml balm in your choice of scent. For all beardy needs.



Our premium range, the oil and balm duo comes in a gift box and is pure heaven for your beard. You will not be dissapointed.



The newest addition to our collection, the Rye range is a dedicated skincare range and the gift set is the trio; scrub, clay mask and moisturiser. Specifically designed for men, this little powerhouse will have your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated in no time. Perfect after all this cold, drying winter weather.

P.S top tip - gift in the morning so he can use his products to make that beard valentines ready.

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