Spotlight :: The Roll Down Ditty Wash Bags

Does anyone else enjoy saying that? ... 'Roll Down Ditty'... Maybe it's just me. Whether you enjoy the name or not, I'm certain you will enjoy the bag itself.

The Roll Down Ditty design is eternally cool with it's paper bag style and smart casual look. The difference between the bags is the material; One is made from a Khaki-grey hue waxed cotton and the other our gorgeous tan coloured leather. 

The waxed cotton version is has a more casual feel to it but still looks great. The waxed cotton is very durable and with it's waterproof lining makes it very practical and easy to clean. The ditty sports a leather fastener and badge with The Brighton Beard Co. trademark anchor logo, these little touches add a certain fitness to the bag and elevate it above other generic wash bags. 

The leather version is made from premium supple leather, the masterful design with its clean lines and simplistic tone makes sure the leather is showcased to it's best. The bag itself is in keeping with the rest of the new accessories collection, boasting a gorgeous golden tone which is enhanced by the contrasting darker leather fastening. The Brighton beard Co. logo is embossed in the corner but is very subtle.

 Both bags are a great size, to quote Goldie Locks 'neither too big nor too small it's just right'. They are perfect for the essential beard products you can't be without. It all depends on personal taste which bag you prefer, but either way you or the person you're gifting it to will not be dissapointed..... or if you can't decide, just get both?

They are perfect pressies for under the tree or in a stocking 

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