So, it's been a whole week since I and thousands of others took the plunge and chopped off all our face fuzz on the noble quest known as, Movember. "What has happened in that week?!" I hear you all screaming at your screen, well I'm not Tom Selleck yet unfortunately. I can grow a pretty mean tache given long enough but 1 week is not that amount of time it pains me to say. so, if you're looking like a prepubescent boy, you're not alone. I got ID'd for a red bull. No joke.

Now, I'm not ashamed to admit I am a big big fan of fancy dress, but having a beard can limit costume ideas. With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year it meant that we celebrated on the Friday, conveniently falling on November 2nd, so I took full advantage of being clean shaven for the first time in many a year. Joaquin Phoenix (known to sport a mean Beard of his own on occasion) is due to star in a new Joker origin story next year. Being one of my favourite actors and the Joker being arguably the greatest villain of all time I did my best charity shop hopping around Brighton and managed to put together a pretty good costume (if I do say so myself). Anyway heres the photo so you can be the judge.


After the buzz of Halloween and Bonfire night the rest of the week has been pretty normal, nothing but mo growing.

I've been going pretty heavy on the beard oil to keep the itch at bay and to soothe my skin from the unfamiliar soreness of daily shaving. We gathered a lot of you out there might be doing the same thing so we thought we'd do you all a favour and do a little deal on our beard oils. We're giving 20% off all 30ml Oils until Sunday this week, leaving you more money to donate to the Movember charity. just use the code OIL20 at checkout.


Good luck with your mo adventures over the next week, more from me then.


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