Spotlight :: Ruxley leather wash bag

The Ruxley leather wash bag is one of four new wash bags released as part of our new accessories range. The Ruxley is the largest of the wash bags and has the most luxurious feel to it; purposefully understated design so as to not detract from the premium quality, supple soft leather which is the focal point of this wash bag. The Ruxley exudes sophistication and is a timeless piece that should house all of your favourite Brighton Beard Co. grooming products no matter where you go. Only launched two weeks ago but they're selling like hot cakes and on many a bearded mans' christmas wish-list!

Being a bearded man myself and since starting working at The Brighton Beard Company have accumulated a large collection of grooming products (obviously, it would be wrong to work here and not try every single product, quality assurance and all that 😉). I mention this as it used to wind me up no end having to take multiple bags with me to house even the essential grooming products, not any more however. The Ruxley fits a large oil, balm, wax and my shampoo bar and a boar bristle brush which I never go anywhere without (or I look like some kind of bearded troll, not a good look), a large deodorant, electric toothbrush and electric shaver! This is no mean feat and I still think I could fit more in, moreover it still looks great no matter how full you pack it.

The Ruxley leather wash bag is made from exquisite soft leather the kind that ages with grace and looks if possible even better the more care-worn it gets. The leather is designed to change colour over time to a gorgeous golden hue which only adds to its charm. The classic fold over design makes it easy to use and as the ties can be used to keep the bag open as well as closed, the Brighton beard Co. anchor logo has been placed on the inside, ever present but subtle. The Ruxley leather wash bag is a tasteful piece ideal as a gift or if you just want to treat yourself!

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