Sunday Stockist // The Beard Shed

We hope we find you in good spirits this Sunday, friends. Welcome to another Sunday Stockist feature, where we bring the spotlight to our wonderful retailers who have helped us grow into one of the leading UK beard care ranges available!

This week, we talk to Racheal from The Beard Shed; a UK hub for beard care and maintenance, sourcing brands and products from around the globe and housing them under one roof. Founded in 2015, each product is tested by the team so you know each item is of the highest quality.



Tell us about The Beard Shed... what inspired you to open?

"I bought Mark some beard care products for his birthday 2 years ago (Which included The Brighton Beard Company's very own  Old Joll's Black Pepper Beard Oil!) and had to shop on multiple sites to gather an essential beard care kit.  I realised there was a gap in the market for an online store which brings together a collection of the finest beard care products.  Mark running his own business never had the time to put together a website for me, however back in March 2015 'thankfully' Mark put his back out and I took the opportunity to utilise his web design and build skills for the two weeks he was house bound.

The Beard Shed was by no means a thought out business plan, we always thought The Beard Shed was going to be a side project for me as a stay at home mum.  How wrong could we have been, The Beard Shed is booming and is now a full time job (Just don't tell Mark that when he wonders why his accounts haven't been completed this month!)

The Beard Shed has now been open for well over a year, our aim is to be a one stop shop for high quality beard care products.  We are constantly looking at new brands and products to add to our range of goods for the modern gent."


Describe The Beard Shed in five words...

"Purveyors of premium beard brands."


What is your current best seller?

"The Millers Shampoo bar, as quick as they arrive in the shed they go back out again, leaving behind the recognisable scent!"



What is your personal favourite from our range?

"Has to be the Old Joll's Black Pepper beard oil, it was the first beard care product mark used which inspired us to set up The Beard Shed.  Our pugs seem to love it too, we have to ensure the oils are kept up high as if left unattended they crack open a bottle or two.  They do have amazingly soft fur now!"


You can find The Beard Shed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Until next time, Sea Dogs.


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