Spring Clean // Wash bag edit

Spring is well and truly here now, and I don’t know about you but I definitely have some spring cleaning to do.

Starting with my wash bag -

My wash bag tends to get very scruffy looking as I use and abuse it all year round and take it absolutely everywhere with me. Shamefully I only get around to giving it a good clean about twice a year, and now is normally around the time it gets it’s first clean. 

I have two wash bags one for home and one for when I have to travel. Having recently got myself one of our swanky new Ruxley leather wash bags to house my steadily growing grooming product collection I wasn’t dreading the spring clean too much, it hadn’t yet got too unruly. If I’m totally honest, doing regular smaller clean outs is probably a much better way to keep your hodgepodge of grooming products in order!


One of the reasons spring is the time I embark on cleaning out my wash bags is because I like to change up the scents. I tend to move away from the heavier scents I use over winter such as Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood and move towards lighter, citrus scents. My current favourite spring scent is Lime and Basil - it’s just so fresh and reminds me that summer is just around the corner. I don't change all of my regular products however, I continue using the Alfriston oil all year round, I just can’t do without it. Not only for the delightful scent but the premium Broccoli Seed and Moringa oils keep my beard and skin feeling nourished in both the harsh bitter winter and in the sweaty summer heat.


Aside from changing up the scents I always like to treat my beard brush to a good clean, not only does it keep the bristles in good shape it’s hygienic to clear the bristles of any product, skin or sebum that may have built up. 


It’s actually very therapeutic having a clean out, if you’ve got a spare minute it’s definitely worth doing!


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