Isolation escapism // Round II

This weeks isolation escapism, just a few more places to add to the bucket list ....

Valley of fire waves

This glorious natural wonder is in Nevada, the Aztec red sandstone formations formed from shifting sand dunes 150 million years ago.  Aptly called the fire waves as they look like fire when catching the suns rays.

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The Giant Buddha 

This crazy piece of craftsmanship sits in to the east of Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China. It took over 90 years to carve! Starting in the year 713 and was completed in 803. It is the worlds tallest buddha at a whopping 71m tall.

The Giant Buddah

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Gardens by the bay 

In central Singapore, adjacent to the marine reservoir sits this beautiful 'city in a  garden' spanning 101 hectares. I think you'll agree the structures are absolutely stunning and create not only a green space to admire an incomparable selection of flowers and plants but work to improve the environmental sustainability of the city.


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St Anton -Austrian Alps

The mountains in the European Alps are truly a wonder to behold, especially when covered top toe in fluffy white snow and blue skies all around.


The Lofoten Islands - Norway 

This stunning scenery you may not initially associate with Norway, but this gorgeous vista is just one of the many stunning mountain scenes found in Lofoten, Norway. 


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