Isolation Escapism

Let’s focus on some of the more beautiful parts of life and get some pins in for place for where we’d like to go when this is all over. Equally just sit and look at the pretty pictures and pretend you’re there!

 halong bay

Halong Bay - Vietnam 

Image credit: Michael Block 


Famous for its limestone islands topped with rainforests, this stunning outlook is in northeast Vietnam. A truly magnificent outlook, spectacular to explore by boat.


siberia lake

Lake Baikal - Siberia

Image Credit: Kristina Makeeva

This seriously cool picture was taken in Eastern Siberia where the magical Lake Baikal, believed to be the world’s oldest and deepest lake formed between 25 and 30 million years ago!


marble caves

Marbe Caves - Patagonia, Chile

Image Credit - Laura & Joel

These stunning caves are located in the middle of General Carrera Lake and are only accessible by boat or kayak. These have formed over the last 6000+ years due to the glacial melt water slowly eroding and carving away the rock to form these caverns, columns and tunnels.

wiatomo caves

Waitomo Caves - New Zealand

Image Credit - Shaun Jeffers

Just like little stars in the night sky, but these are actually millions of glow worms (Arachnocampa luminosa) a species found exclusively in New Zealand.


Surfing - Portugal

Image Credit - Brent Bielmann

Oooh I could stare at that crazy blue water all day long! A gorgeous shot through the barrel of the wave. 

Hope those few snaps keep you going for now! Stay happy and healthy everyone ✌️ 

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