Introducing :: Our new shave range

We all know we’ve got you covered when it comes to curating products to keep your beard well nourished. We know it’s equally as important (to keep the mrs/mr happy) to keep it neat and tidy; so we created a silky shave oil and a beautifully balanced razor to make trimming/neatening up a smooth and painless experience.

The razor 


As we all know shaving can be tricky at the best of times, let alone if you don’t have the right tools. We have sourced an amazing Double-Edged Safety Razor with a single blade for what we consider to give an excellent shave.  We opted for a single blade, contradictory to common belief a single blade will give you a great shave (if the blade quality is up to scratch) and won’t give you the grief of getting nasty in-grown hairs. On multi-blade razors it is common to get in-grown hairs as the one blade is designed to pull the hairs up as the other blade cuts; although this does give a close shave it also means the hairs are cut beneath the skin meaning that they are more prone to becoming in-grown.

We wanted a weighty feel in the hand with our new razor so that you can really be touch sensitive and have ultimate control when creating those precise lines of your beard when shaving.


To go with our new razor we wanted to release a shave oil - cue, Smoker Mills' Shave Oil. to make trimming up that little bit easier. The fact that it's transparent means edging your beard is easier than ever; rather than using a foam or cream. We’ve gone back to basics with our new miracle shave oil - sometimes less is more; the blend of oils we have chosen will work to nourish the skin whilst preparing it for the razor. An essential step if you want calm, nic free and hydrated skin after shaving.

 shave oil

Just to be clear, no matter how awesome you find the shave oil you must have restraint, please don't get shave happy and carried away ;) 

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