12 days of Christmas giveaway // Prize Breakdown

What a year! So let's not talk about that, but the joyous goodness of Christmas, which is just around the corner.

As usual with Christmas, there is always some last minute gifts to get and boy are we here to help out this year. We’ve got an absolute banger of an Instagram giveaway for you lovely lot!

Spread over 12 days, you might say the 12 days of Christmas (like what we did there?) we’ve got a veritable treasure trove of awesome prizes from 12 different brands for one lucky person to get their hands on...

Enter the giveaway here.

Absolute collagen

absolute collagen

Once you’ve seen the effects of boosting your collagen intake you won’t go back! Ingesting Collagen will can help with a multitude of issues associated with ageing, not only will it help with making you look more youthful but is also a fantastic supplement for maintaining healthy skin, nails and many of your internal systems too.

Absolute collagen for men contains the 8000mg of Marine collagen, the highest concentration on the market meaning that you can see the effects of the collagen from as little as two weeks! It can help with thinning hair and ageing skin two things I think we can all agree we’d like to slow down. For those who are into their fitness collagen provides 7.7g of Protein as well as vital amino acids and Vitamin C which means it’s ideal for a post workout boost to help repair muscle!

After the age of 25 the production of collagen you produce each year reduces by 1.7% , this adds up over time so make sure to top up with absolute collagen shots.

Wolfe academy clothing

wolfe academy clothing

A love for outdoor living inspired husband and wife, Oly and Charlotte to create Wolfe academy clothing. With sustainability and ethical business practices at the heart of their venture, they are not only lovely people they have created a brand that cares for the environment and is largely carbon neutral;  choosing to use organic cotton, eco friendly inks and using renewable energy from wind turbines to power their business. Their garments are also approved by the Fair Wear Foundation which supports a good wage and working conditions for the farmers, pickers and sewers who are integral to the fashion industry.

We haven’t even covered how fabulous  their clothes and accessories are! You could win one of their beautiful recyclable rucksacks, beanie and pair of sunglasses!

Life of Riley

Life of riley

Finding meaningful, quality gifts can be a struggle, fortunately Life of Riley have these in spades.

‘Bespoke leather gifts to one of a kind vintage accessories. Through considered design and quality craftmanship Life of Riley bring you accessories and gifts for living and loving that never go out of style’

Their words not mine, but this sums them up to a T! They’re gifting a truly stunning Cufflink box, though it could definitely double up as a jewellery box too. Either way it’s a masterpiece of beautifully crafted leather.

The Cocktail Delivery Company

 the cocktail delivery company

Have you ever hankered after a good cocktail but in the comfort of your own home!? Well these guys have got you covered, from the classic cocktails such as Mojitos, Cosmos and espresso martini to truly special signature cocktails like Rhubarb Gimlet, Eat the peach and high society.

Using only the best local ingredients, each cocktail that is sent out is mixed by an expert mixologist and then sent our straight to your door. Sounds dreamy to me!

What’s more is that these guys are another green fingered company, reducing their environmental impact in every way they can. From 100% reusable and recyclable packaging, a zero-waste policy ensuring no ingredients are wasted, sourcing ingredients from local suppliers which not only supports local businesses but also reduces their carbon footprint as well as choosing the greenest delivery company to deliver their delicious cocktails straight to your door.

What a treat for Christmas; hassle-free cocktails to get the good vibes flowing!

Spa Seekers

spa seekers

Yeah baby!

We’ve teamed up with spa seekers again so you can get your hands on a lovely, relaxing and well earned spa day. What could be better after what 2020 has thrown at us. Choose from various locations around the UK to use your voucher and unwind in style.

Pong Cheese

 Pong cheese

Cheese, Cheese and more cheese! For those cheese loving fiends amongst you this is pure heaven.

Pong Cheese supports independent and artisan cheese producers in the UK, pioneering the great British cheese as well as come classics form Europe. Each cheese is a little masterpiece of taste and texture and in most cases has a unique and highly skilled process behind its production.

Pong cheese is offering their Extravaganza box, with dreamy Valencay goat’s cheese, a Cheddar that has been aged in Wookey Hole caves and the extraordinary La Retorta from Extremadura in southern Spain.  Perfect for christmas, whether spread as the ultimate cheeseboard or whether you want to get inventive in the kitchen with it, you can also find some tried and tested recipes here.

Lund London 

Design centric Lund London has created some day to day essentials that are eco-focused in terms of their materials and reusability in a world where waste is too readily accepted.

Offering a £50 voucher for you to spend on their goodies, from their awesome skittle bottles, reusable straws and kitchenware to their selection of homeware and accessories.

The Candle Brand

The Candle brand

Everyone loves a candle, but not all candles are created equally! The candle brand developed over a couple of years by Christina, a new mum who wanted to create candles with a difference. The long toil was to make sure her products were safe (after learning the dangers of some fragrances), environmentally friendly as well as being vegan.

Made from Coconut and Rapeseed without  paraffin, soy, beeswax, palm, dyes and synthetic additives as well as having a wooden wick from a company who donates back a percentage of its profits to regrowing trees. As well as having eco friendly and recyclable packaging.

I think you’ll agree she did a great job, without compromising on aesthetics,  quality of candle or scent selection.Sounds like the real deal to me.

Barber Pro

barber rpo

Sheet masks, these guys have got you covered. Treatments designed to rejuvenate the skin and tackle all sorts of skin complaints from dry skin to pore reducing and acne prone skin! Your face will thank you.

You may have heard that sheet masks are the devil from an environmental perspective, not in Barber Pro's case. Rest assured they do the absolute utmost to ensure they leave the smallest prints they can. All of their masks are plastic free and degrade within 75 days and are planning to make their entire range water free in the next year. It doesn’t stop with just their products though, they try to use renewable energy sources wherever they can from powering their warehouses to their car fleet (hoping to be fully electric by 2021). They aim to reduce their monthly carbon footprint by 18.67 every month in ways such as working towards a zero air freight policy as well as partnering with Offset Earth to plant 192 trees a month  to help towards their goal.

They are morally sound too, never testing on animals as well as ensuring they source sustainable ingredients from ethical suppliers. If you want to take a look for yourself, take a peek here.

To add to the bounty, Barber Pro have given a selection of their sheet masks including; Super eye, brightening, post shave, face putty, under eye, skin renewing foil, foaming cleanser, gentlemens as well as a SUPER EYE trio of their most luxurious masks. You’ll never look so good at Christmas.


motezumas 'all i want for christmas'

If you haven’t tried Montezumas Chocolate you have been missing out! It is truly delicious. Not only is the quality of the chocolate out of this world they’re also an amazing company.  Conscious of ethical, fair trading and their impact on the environment they look at every aspect making sure it meets their exacting standards - they don’t compromise their moral expectations for price, they will always buy the best quality cocoa at a fair price for everyone. Committed to reducing their carbon footprint in every way they can, including delivery methods, packaging solutions and the energy they use in theirs stores and factories and they are hoping to be carbon neutral by 2025. As if this wasn’t enough they are also not greedy with their profit and and have been helping Children on the edge (COTE) a children’s charity in Chichester (ooh what a nice bit of alliteration) for over 10 years, and have raised over 100,000 in that time!!

Anyway, back to the chocolate. Montezumas are giving their ‘all I want for christmas’ box (the excitement is palpable) which includes; Christmas Grand Truffle Carton, Milk Cranberry Snowmen, Dark Hazelnut Snowmen, Christmas Bar Library, Peanut Snowballs, Caramel Snowballs, Spice It Up, Minted,Happiness and Fitzroy. Sounds dreamy right!

Perky Blenders

Perky blenders

Everyone knows the importance of good Coffee! Functioning without one in my case is simply unfathomable.

Perky Blenders are one of our favourites (not just because they love a cheeky collab with us!) but because they, just like most of the other brands involved are a conscious brand; Just as impassioned about brewing fantastic coffee as doing the world some good.

Sourcing all of their beans sustainably and from trusted suppliers, ensuring the larger plantations pay a good wage and quality of living to their staff as well as sourcing smallholders and independent farmers to give the little man a chance.

Caring as much for their coffee as their customers they are also a very personable company. We all like that don’t we!

Anyway I’m probably going off topic (again), to the prize - A large part of their business, aside from their stores is their subscription service (super handy if you’re a coffee addict like me). They are offering a whopping 12 month subscription, coffee all year - can I get a whoop whoop? 

The Brighton Beard Co.

Rye skincare gift set

Oh and last but not least, our goodies! We won't ramble on about how great we are, you should all know that by now ;)

We are offering up our gorgeous tan leather roll-down ditty wash bag, coupled with our new RYE skincare gift-set and shampoo bar & tray set. Whether for you or your partner someone will be looking gorgeous this Christmas!


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