5 Beard Myths

We like mythology but not when it causes countless menfolk to be staring into their mirrors, rubbing their bald chins and thinking “What if…?”, so let’s address the most common twaddle in order to set beards free: 

MYTH // “Beards are itchy.” 
Minimize the initial itch by keeping the skin moisturised using a beard oil and invest in a boar bristle brush which will satisfy your need to scratch whilst the natural material takes care of the hair. Past the first couple of weeks, there shouldn’t be an itch at all. 

MYTH // “Beards are dirty.” 
True – if you’re a filthy scoundrel. Beards, like pretty much anything else in the world, will be dirty if they’re not taken care of, cleaned or washed properly. Introduce a quality beard shampoo into your grooming routine to cleanse your face rug of any sweat, product build-up and biscuit crumbs. 

MYTH // “Beards are too hot to have all year.” 
A beard is for life, not just for winter! Depending on the density, it can shield the lower half of your face from the heat of the sun and wick away sweat from your skin to keep you cool.

MYTH // “Shaving it will make it grow back thicker.” 
If you’re worried your beard is patchy or thin and think starting over by shaving it will do the trick, stop before you reach for the razor. This is a very common myth that has been applied to all areas of body hair due to the reason that shaved hair can feel bristly when it grows back because of the blunt end, as opposed to waxing where the hair grows back with a tapered end, but the thickness will always remain the same. Read our post on how to improve a patchy beard if you need some pointers. 

MYTH // “It doesn’t feel nice to kiss.” 
Try telling that to the guys and girls who list ‘bearded’ as their type. Yes, the dreaded beard burn/’stache rash is no joke but past the stubble stage this shouldn’t be an issue with your facial hair as long as you keep it soft using a beard oil = happy beard = happy partner.

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