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Do you know where all good designs start, well generally in the minds eye but when when pen meets paper they are brought to life. Our redesign came in to being in exactly this way, Jess our co founder and head designer spent many an hour pouring over our new design meticulously hand drawing every detail, after much scribbling out and pencil shavings the octopus design we have today was complete.

That very design was borne on a Bookblock notebook, chosen for it’s quality, the pages held up against the many rubbing outs and tea spillages in the hours Jess spent tweaking the design. Deciding that the octopus would look great on a notebook we had some custom designed. I think you’ll agree they look great!

bookblock notebook

Bookblock business offers a beautiful selection of notebooks and diaries that are completely bespoke, offering a great range of stock notebooks as well custom made so you can make sure they are 100% perfect for you and your companies needs. You are able to customise just about anything from the size, outside design and material to the structure of the inside pages, meaning it can cater to your specific needs unlike generic notebooks.

bookblock notebooks

Offering a superb range of materials and effects such as foiled, debossed and UV or digitally printed just to name a few. The inside pages can also be customised with printed inside pages and endpapers. Or for something a bit more luxurious check out their range of stunning Italian leather notebook covers and accessories. Additional services and goods such as book printing and customised pens are available to complete your stationary set, basically bookblock has your stationary needs covered. 

Not just a one trick pony, Bookblock have been involved in some other great projects including their creative gifting consumer platform which offers only the highest quality selection of gifts, homeware, food, stationary and cards. Taking on a selection of our bestsellers including our beard oil, balm, shampoo bar and wax as well as our boar bristle brush, they clearly have great taste so a fair warning that it’s hard not to shop whether for yourself or someone else!


Stone is another successful string to their bow, Stone is a collective of designers and food professionals, that have launched a new range of stationery for professional chefs. As I said at the beginning every creative thought has to have somewhere to brought to life and whether your a professional or you just love to doodle Bookblocks has something to offer.

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