Belgium: Busts, Beards and Bouquets

We know that facial hair has been around as long as humans themselves, and that its defined the looks of some the most famous people on earth – Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler to name just a few, which is no surprise then that we see beards on a great deal of statues.

But not usually like this – in an effort to make people notice the unnoticed, florist Geoffrey Mottart revives statues and busts by giving them the flora treatment. Known as ‘Fleurissements’, these creations add playfulness to the solemn depictions. Through use of colour, shape and variety of flower, Mottart gives each figure a new sense of character and gives the classic a modern twist.

Often referred to as a guerrilla artist, his arrangements typically only last a couple of days and don’t damage the sculpture in any way. Being an all-natural beard grooming product company, we love anything that makes a statement but is kind on the environment too.

For more of Geoffrey Mottart, check out his Instagram here.

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beard flowers

beard flowers

beard flowers

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