Beards make you more attractive // Fact or Fiction

So there’s been a lot of talk about beard trends in recent times and whether they’re hot or not…. I mean as a beard product company we’re obviously going to be a little one sided here but I also can’t imagine them ever going out of fashion. This is not just my opinion, an article seen on the Huffpost showed evidence from the Official Journal of the Human behaviour and evolution society study from 2013 (a little outdated we know) which showed that beards pipped clean shaven on aspects regarding attractiveness, healthiness, masculinity and parenting skills.

Most attractive: The study concluded that women find heavy stubble to be the most attractive, men agreed that heavy stubble or full beard is the best.

Healthiest: A full beard won this section especially over those with no facial hair at all.

Masculinity: This was a probably the least surprising result that the amount of facial hair directly correlated with masculinity, i.e the perception of masculinity directly increases with more facial hair.

Parenting skills: Apparently a full beard makes you appear to be a better parent. who knew!?

So although the study was done a little while ago, beards have since increased in popularity year on year and we reckon they will remain strong from here on out, facts don’t lie people.

To add to this an article in The Telegraph earlier this month reported that the army is considering amending the no beard rule due to the increase in beard popularity, they are worried that more and more men are being put off enlisting because they have to keep clean shaven. Yet more evidence beards are here to stay. They haven’t come to a decision as of yet, it comes after the RAF have been granted permission so watch this space you could well see the return of the beard to the ARMY.

So no judgement if you don’t have a beard, we willing except some guys look great clean shaven! But if you’re into a having beard the future looks bright, no matter what stage of life you’re in!

Here's a few celeb pics beard vs no beard, which do you prefer? (hopefully bearded!)

chris evans beard

Chris Evans

Kristofer Hivju beard

Kristofer Hivju

Ben affleck

Ben Affleck

chris hemsworth beard

Chris Hemsworth 

paul rudd beard

Paul Rudd

idris Elba beard

Idris Elba

Jamie Dornan beard

Jamie Dornan 

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

jake gyllenhaall beard

Jake Gyllenhaal


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