Halloween // Horror film list

So Halloween has come around yet again and with it we bring you the top 7 horror films, one everyday for the week of Halloween, hopefully all will have you cowering behind the duvet (at least that would be me!) or should at the very least should take your mind off the impending Brexit!

So here’s our top 7:

1. Us

A new release this year, directed by Jordan Peele so high expectations after ‘get out’. It looks to be an intense physiological watch - The Wilson family take a holiday to California and stay in Adelaides (the mother) childhood home. What is meant to be a relaxing holiday soon turns freaky beyond belief as another family breaks, only, the family is a creepy reflection of themselves.


2. Insideous

So this is more of a classically scary horror film - A family searches for help for their son who has fallen into a coma after entering the attic of the house. It soon becomes clear that there is more to the what happened in the attic than meets the eye as it enters the plain of possession and the paranormal.


3. Cabin in the woods

This might be one for those who are being forced to watch a horror movie this halloween as there are some humourous elements that might take the edge off!

A group of teenagers head into the woods for a  weekend trip, they soon discover they are completely secluded. The tale starts with the cellar door opening of its own accord, some reading from a creepy book and the awakening of a family of the undead (told you it was humourous, even I can manage this one). Still a good watch in the lead up to halloween!

the cabin in the woods

4. Paranormal activity

I think this is a love hate film, depending on what’s your bag.  As the name would suggest there is an unseen presence that becomes more and more disturbing to a young couple who have just moved into a suburban house. Nightmare, hate when people touch my stuff.

aranormal activity

5. The Shining

The shining, a classic. Jack Nicholson puts in an outstanding performance in this phycological thriller.  The story is of Jack Torrance, formerly a teacher but now a writer his life takes a turn when he is asked to take care of a hotel. Seems normal enough until Jack starts to change.

the shining

6. It

I’m sure you’ll have heard of this one, It, a horror whereby a shapeshifting monster taking the form of a creeeeeeepy clown lures children of Derry in Maine to prey on. Again not too scary, just hard to get the image of the clown out of your head.

It 2 was released this year if you want to go in for a second round of clown creepiness.

It Clown

7. The Descent

This one has both suspense and freaky creatures to get your heart pumping… A group of friends go on a caving expedition when an unfortunate rock falls blocks the way out. The further they delve into the cave the more the tension builds as it becomes clear they’re not alone.

So I think that rounds off the list nicely, there should be something for everyone in there, a bit of thriller, a bit or the paranormal and of course creepy clown. Enjoy!

the descent

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