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As a business you have to plan ahead for the change in seasons, always thinking about your next step - so we apologise if this seems eager but we’re launching for the very first time an advent calendar giving you a taste from our entire collection! Available now! 🎉 

We’ve been working on this little beauty throughout the year, Jess our resident artist has come up with a classy design that brings all the Christmas feels without being so garishly in-your-face that it leaves you with spots in your eyes.  The quality doesn’t just stop with the design, the calendar contains 24 (mini and full size) products from our range, so if you or your partner hasn’t tried the quality of our whole range you get to have a little test of each.  

Counting down the days until Christmas is something I think we all used to enjoy (well actually I definitely still do) opening one of those tiny little squares to see what chocolate you were going to get that day. This tends to become a little less exciting as an adult, but now these well-being calendars have started kicking about the excitement and anticipation has ramped up again.  Looking good will never be so easy with our calendar, a range of skincare to take care of that winter beaten skin, our Alfriston shower collection (shampoo, conditioner and bodywash) and of course our beard care collection.  

It’s been a hard year, chocolate’s good but a treat from our collection every day up to Christmas is better (or both 😏) – make it a reality for the extra-special bearded man in your life (not talking about santa, though I’m pretty sure he uses our products). 

Limited quantity available, make sure to preorder to avoid disapointment! 

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