Halloween // Film List

Here's a round up our fave films to scare you witless this Halloween . Whether you're a phycological thriller kinda household or whether the paranormal scene is more your thing we've got something for everyone.

No1. The Lodge 

the lodge

A cabin in the woods, seemingly cliche but wait until you see the film unfold in a mysterious series of horrifying events.

No2. Us


A Jordan Peele masterpiece. Tension, suspense and a freaky twist will leave you sweaty palmed in your seat. Should probably have a cushion handy to cover your eyes!

No3. Hocus Pocus 

hocus pocus

One for all the Family, released in 1993 and still a classic for Halloween. 

No4. IT


Adapted from a Stephen King Novel you just know this is going to be all sorts of twisted. It does not disappoint, the creepiest clown in town lurks to kidnap unsuspecting children. 

No5. Casper 


A halloween must for the family, yet another oldie but goodie where Casper the friendly ghost fights back against the other ghouls.

No6. Scream 


There were a few Halloweens where every other person you saw trick or treating was wearing a scream mask. Well worth a watch this Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 🎃 🎃 🎃

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