New Release // Rye face wash

As you all know our we released our Rye range last year which we couldn’t have achieved without your support. We didn’t expect to have such a fantastic response when broadening our product range away from beard care but we’re pleased to say it’s been an instant hit, always nice when hard work and toil pays off! As ever though we couldn’t have done it without the support you have shown, so we thank you again for keeping our small business afloat through the very tricky year we’ve all had.

Encouraged by the success of the Rye range, we wanted to respond to the many requests we’ve received to broaden the range (very gratifying to hear) and we wanted to let you in on our next progression, which we hope you’ll enjoy just as much...

Introducing our new Rye Daily Clarifying Face Wash

In keeping with the rest of the Rye range the face wash has the same detoxifying, smoothing and toning properties as the existing rye range and will leave your face fresh and cleansed. Ideal for daily use to make sure impurities are stripped away without leaving your face feeling raw and dry. Whether heading out for the day or getting ready for bed your skin will be in a ready state to apply the rest of your skincare regimen, including the rest of the Rye skincare maybe.. 😏?

We really hope you’ll enjoy this new addition as much as we enjoyed making it, as always we love hearing your feedback so if you feel like getting in touch to share your thoughts ping us an email or comment on any of our social pages and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or if you just fancy showing a little love and support on our instagram that is always appreciated and lets others know genuine thoughts from genuine customers ☺️✌️

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