Introducing the new beard accessories range //

As some of you may know already from our 'sneak peak' newsletter we are excited to announce we are launching a new accessories collection. Lovingly designed by Jessica the co-founder of the Brighton Beard Co, the timeless designs and premium quality Leather and Cotton is what makes these accessories a cut above the rest.

The new collection consists of 5 new products; the Ruxley leather wash bag, the roll-down ditty bag available in leather or waxed canvas, the waxed canvas duffle pouch and the leather beard comb sheath.

The Ruxley leather wash bag is made from exquisite soft leather the kind that ages with grace and looks if possible even better the more care-worn it gets.The classic fold over design makes it easy to use and as the ties can be used to keep the bag open as well as closed, the Brighton beard Co. anchor logo has been placed on the inside, ever present but subtle. The wash bag is a decent size meaning you can take all of your favourite Brighton Beard Co. products with you wherever you go. The Ruxley leather wash bag is a tasteful piece ideal as a gift or if you just want to treat yourself!

Ruxley Leather Wash Bag

The roll down- ditty bag comes smaller than the Ruxley but no less elegant. The Ditty comes in two materials; the premium soft leather and the Waxed cotton, both very stylish and are sure to stand the test of time. The leather bag only gets more charming with use and ages related marks. The leather we use slowly changes to a gorgeous golden tone which only acts to add more character to the piece. The Brighton Beard Co. signature anchor logo is embossed on the front right which like the Ruxley is very subtle.

Leather Roll-Down Ditty Bag


The waxed cotton version has a more nautical feel, owning a beautiful dusky khaki-grey colour. The waxed roll-down ditty bag features a waterproof lining making it very durable and easy to clean. Like it's leather brother the waxed ditty bag has a leather fastening to keep the bag shut, it's also graced with the signature anchor logo made from leather and looks at home on the front of the bag. The waxed and leather versions of this product are both of the highest quality however the waxed version comes with a lower price tag than it's leather counterpart, meaning you can still get a high end product no matter your price range.

Waxed Canvas Roll-Down Ditty Bag

The waxed cotton duffle bag is the smallest bag in the new collection but no less stylish, it's the same material and colour as the roll down ditty bag above. The pouch also has waterproof lining but has a more casual feel to it compared with the ditty bag. The pouch would be ideal as a gift bag containing all their favourite beard grooming products, just an idea as christmas is looming.

Waxed Canvas Duffle Pouch

Our final new release is the leather comb sheath, for those who want to make sure their beloved Ox horn beard or moustache comb is safe and sound. The simplistic design compliments the comb and would be a great addition to any beard grooming collection.

Leather Beard Comb Sheath

The whole new range is the epitome of class and style, these products will be well received by yourself and if given as gifts, particularly as the festive season is fast approaching. 

The team at Brighton Beard Co. searched long and hard to make sure only materials we use are of the highest quality and where possible ethically sourced; We selected a family-run factory in India where employees welfare is of utmost importance. We will always endeavour to deliver quality products but not at the expense of others.

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