Last-minute Halloween Costumes

We’ve found a few ideas that you can throw together with minimal effort to big effect to make sure you’re not left alone at home for your lack of costume this year.

The Infested Beard
Stick a load of small table decorations/confetti/toys in your beard such as fake spiders and cobweb spray for a beard that looks like it hasn’t been groomed since the 1800s. Add zombie makeup for extra effect.

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The creepiest of arcade machines, Zoltar the Fortune Teller will be sure to freak out your friends. Wrap some silky fabric round your head, wear a fancy shirt plus waistcoat, go heavy on the eyeliner and if you can get hold of a crystal ball or tarot cards, you’re good to go.

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Breaking Bad
Jesse and Walter’s stubble and goatee gave their characters an unkemptness consistent with having little time to groom due to, you know, making and selling vast amounts of crystal meth. Grab some overalls and a gas mask – and if you want to go the whole hog, a beard trimmer and some glasses for the ultimate Walter White look. If you fear the goatee, just remember it’s Movember soon which gives you an excuse to reduce it further to just the tache.


Twisted Wizard
All you need is a pot of glitter and a wizard hat to become truly magical. Use a wax or gel all over the beard to help the glitter stick, but beware this isn’t the easiest to get out – it’ll take a few rinses.

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