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We want to collaborate with you, our loyal customer base. We want the face of our company to have a focus on both the products we make as well as the people that use them, I bet you all have wonderful faces and beards of course and we want to see them!

What we’re proposing comes in a variety of ways including brand ambassador and advocate schemes, guest blog posts and referral rewards.

 If this sound like something you could be interested in keep reading for more details......


Brand Advocate/Ambassador

What better way is there to show people how brilliant our products are than from the people that use them! So if you think our products are the bees knees and want to shout from the rooftops (not literally) about how great they are we’d like to hear from you. We will only be selecting a few new advocates every couple of months, to help narrow our selection and make sure that our advocates are the perfect fit we will be asking a few questions just to make sure that our aims align and that both sides are happy.

advocate scheme

Guest blog posts

With so much going on it the world and our little Brighton bubble definitely has its fair share, along with the all the lives that are lived in it, it seems a shame not to celebrate and promote and share this. This is why we’re opening up our blog to guest posts, we’re not going totally off topic and accepting anything but if you have anything interesting to share about your bearded lives, other people’s bearded lives or anything cool AF happening in Brighton you’d like to share we’d love to hear from you. We want to hear from anyone with relevant, original pieces that you think ought to be shared to The Brighton Beard Co. community and would compliment what we have going on already!?

Referral Scheme

Wishing your local barber sold our Products? We think they should too!

If you would like to make this happen, suggest this to your local barber, if he’s any sense about him he’ll spot the quality of our products a mile off and wonder why he hasn’t stocked them before. However I have complete unwavering faith that if he does need a little persuading, the flowing stream of compliments (and physical proof from your glorious beard and smelling like heaven just walked in) from one of our fabulous customers will do the trick. If you’re successful (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be), when your barber places their first order, not only will you have the convenience of having our products in your local barbers, you will also receive a £50 gift card to spend on all our goodies! Win, win right!

total barber academy

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, we can't wait to hear from ya'll ....

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