Ways to save!

Whether you’ve nabbed an absolute steal in the sales or just picking up a meal deal everyone loves saving some dollar. We think our products are worth every penny but we love you guys so here’s a few ways to save on our products.

Write a review

Fancy writing a review? If you think our products are Super duper we’d love you to share your thoughts in the form of a review, It only takes a moment and it will earn you 10% off your next order.  It’s a no brainer to me!

Wait… it gets better

If you then share your review that tasty little 10% goes up to 15% Kerching!!!

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For those who haven’t already done so signing up to our newsletter will get you a saucy 10% off your next order. Whoop - whoop!

We promise not to spam you, just the important stuff that every bearded man should know such as access to early sale, any promos we have on and the occasional link to our blog where you can find some scintillating articles on all things beardy.

Enter our competitions

Not strictly speaking a way to save but freebies might be even better! Our monthly competition could win you a £100 gift voucher for you to spend on your favourite Brighton Beard Co. products. For full details of the competition click here.

You do have to be in it to win it though, so make sure to enter and keep an eye out for any other competitions we run on top of our monthly one!

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